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What the hell am I doing awake? Ok, I understand that during the week, Week of Fun mind you, I was only getting a little bit of sleep each night. What could I do? Fun was being had, and I had to be there. But when the weekend entered Iíve been unable to sleep for more than five hours (if that). Iím so dang tired. I would assume that something is on my mind. Usually when I have this much trouble I have something bouncing around in there, but Iím unable to focus on whatever it is. Crap. Hopefully I can pull off the normal fall asleep while having a baseball game on the television.

Two days ago I sat through a 10 hour poker game. Congrats to Paul for winning the big potÖ.$200. Not to shabby if you ask me. The best part is the last hand came down to two flushes (king high and 10 high) in a fabulous game of Texas Holdum (if you have ever watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN you will know what game Iím talking about).

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Iím in the midst of my Week of Fun. This week has been non-stop fun and excitement. Whew.

I participated in Madden. 49 rounds of excruciating pain. This is for all you football freaks out thereÖ..My 2 starting wide receivers are Antwaan Randle-El and Az-Zahir Hakim. Iím in some trouble.

See, the non-football fans who just read that just thought ďI donít know who those guys are. This is a really stoopud post.Ē See thatís why itís funnyÖ..I barely know who they are either.

I attended a rock show this past week. At this show I was given the best compliment in the past two months. A girl came up to my friend and told him he is cute. He said hello and thanks. She asked if he had a girlfriend, and he turned to me and said, no weíre together (heís straight and married). I went along with it. The girl then stops us and then says, ďYou guys arenít gay.Ē

Actually later this week I was told I have a nice smile. She didnít want to hear about my story of the best compliment in the past 2 weeks is Iím not gay.

There are 2 kids outside holding sticks. They are beating a stop sign. When they grow bored of that they beat each othersí sticks. Then they go back to beating the stop sign. How cute.

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1st thing this morning...I grab my dresser drawer, the front falls off in my hands. I stand there holding the front piece hanging inbetween two fingers and I use all of my will power not to fall back into bed. Here comes the day!

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Iím looking for a home. There is a sense that one feels when they have a home. The time I was in college Champaign had moments, but my apartment never really felt like the place I could call a home. The Cradle was close, but that was more of a house that we didnít give a crap about (aka throwing things at people so that they could hit them with a bat, smashing a guitar on the roofÖ.i could go onÖ.). Well, Iíll be moving in the next few weeks to yet another apartment. 3 in 3 years. I was stooping on my back porch and I was trying to figure out why for the last couple of years Iíve felt tense or on edge and I was trying to come up with times where I was comfortable. Completely comfortable, and I havenít felt that at my home. Since I would see my house/apt as a place I need to feel comfortable (a place where I can block out the noise of the city and just be) Iíve felt more tense than I have the last couple of years. Iím not saying I havenít felt comfortable ever during those times. There have been moments, shared with certain people I have never felt more comfortable, but itís always been fleeting. I donít know if it is the city of Chicago that makes me feel this, but I have always look forward to moving. Maybe a new start, a new place to recreate myself. Iím not quite sure. All I know is I better find me some boxes because Iíve amassed even more stuff than the last place I was at.

There has been more and more talk of a road trip. I should save and invest in one of those.

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I donít really view myself as a lucky person. In most aspects of my life I would say Iím quite unlucky. Like the time I dislocated my shoulder by hitting a wall. Some would say Iím just fragile; I would say Iím unlucky. But this past weekend I definitely was lucky. Why would I say this? Because I have a 5 foot inflatable monkey currently sitting at my dining room table.

I almost quit my job on Sat. and joined the crew of one of the boats at Navy Pier. Then I would be a pirate sailing the seven seas. Watch the fuck out.

But instead Iím back here typing away for all of you. Thatís why Iím not a pirate right now, for you. Remember that.

The monkey freaked me out Sunday morning right after I woke up.

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