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As Iíve recently said, my old car is sitting there collecting dust. Iím going to donate it to American Cancer. I thought about donating my car to the Blind, but I feel I would be doing that for the wrong reasons. My father finally found the title so I can now begin the process. The city of Chicago has threatened me to tow my car away if I donít move it down the street a little bit. Thatís fine. I have till tomorrow. At least thatís what I thought till I checked the ticket today at work. Yup, it needs to be moved today. Slightly annoyed that I have to pay for the towing, $100-$150 bucks that I donít have, I call the police thinking that they will tell me Iím an idiot and thank you for the money. Surprise surprise, the cop was polite, made a note on the case and they wonít tow it away today. What a great man. I danced in my cubicle. Sometimes itís good to be me.

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I got called out at work recently. Thatís fine. I was slacking a bit too much and I needed it. Fine. So Iíve been good lately. Problem is that my bosses and person right over me are stressed out. Our numbers are not anywhere close to where they need to be. Again, weíve been doing what we were supposed to be doing. The problem is that our project was too large for just the few of us that are working on it. We were called into a meeting yesterday and we were informed that we are required now to work all Saturdays from 8AM-1PM till Sept. 27th. Now, never mind the fact that they wonít be paying us overtime, but in comp time that we will get to use after Sept 27th, but I have to actually get here earlier than I normally do during the week. I am not going to be happy about this.

Bah humbug.

In other bright news I have to move my old car, Grimmie, or the city will ticket me. 4 days and counting down. Sadly it may be difficult due to the fact I havenít driven it in a couple of months, a flat tire, and a broken tire that wobbles. Should be exciting.

Yes, Iím talking about work and my broken car. Nothing of major excitement is occurring right now. So settle down.

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Someone should have either forced my ass to sleep at a normal hour or at least shoved food down my throat so I wouldnít have this dang headache today.

I know todayís going to be a very long day. I keep looking at the clock and it has barely moved. Itís only 9:30 and Iíve only been here an hour. Ugh.

We are half way through Paul Swaneyís B-day two week bash, meaning Happy Birthday Paul.

A little later....
Itís amazing how Justin Timberlake and The Jackson 5 are keeping me awake currently. Just a little dance in my seat.

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Sleep has avoided me the last few days. Iím not sure what happened, but I know from experience that sometimes I should say Iím sorry. Maybe it was because Iíve been ostracizing my sleep for a while, not really letting it into my life at a level it should be. Donít worry. Hopefully we will be able to reconcile before the weekend.

The previous weekend I went up to Lake Geneva, and I was almost able to leave it without actually seeing the Lake, which is actually quite difficult thing to do once the Lake was pointed out to me. One of my friends won a contest and we had full access to a condo for the weekend. About 15 people came up, and I was actually able to convince everyone to run around like fools playing Ghost in the Graveyard. What was found out. Iím out of shape and Iím smoking too much. It was a fun weekend of just hanging out.

So the girl that said I was cute called me yesterday and we met for dinner and a couple of drinks. Sadly she is moving back to Nebraska as we speak. Bummer, eh?

Iíve been a little shady lately. I talked a little about it this previous weekend while I was on a walk. Iím still not sure if Iím in the right, but it seems to be getting easier.


Words of the Day Ė Off The Hook.

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Why is everything, and I mean everything at my desk all sticky? Seriously.

So when a girl tells you that your cute while youíre dancing what is the next thing you do? Whatever I did is not the thing to do. I blame the whiskey.

I took Chicago by storm this weekend, as the city welcomed me back.

Of course then most of Sunday consisted of Chicago kicking my own ass.

My roommate who went back East to visit family is coming back in a couple of days (I think). Itís time that my other roommate has to buckle down and actually clean up a bit. Do I really live like this all the time?

Someone took my ruler while I was at the picnic. What the hell?

I work on the 12th floor. Itís nice. A window near me, and view of a wonderful cemetery which I think about a lot while Iím here at work. Itís a fairly old building. The air/heat sucks. Only two extremes. What Iím telling you any of this is that there is an old bank on the 1st and 2nd floors. The bank is currently closed. A big no no in the financial world. You canít have the bank closed for 3 days in a row! You just canít! Well itís closed, and the reason is that a part of the ceiling collapsed. Yes, Iím in a building where the 2nd floor ceiling has started to fall down. Does this seem intelligent to you?

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