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Slightly creepy story. Which is good since the last episode of Six Feet Under was such a disappointment. I went and visited my parents on Sunday. (Ahh! Parents! Run! ScaryÖ.no thatís not it, the creepy part is coming) My parents inform me, well before dinner, that our next door neighbor passed away. If you know me it isnít the old guy who couldnít get out of bed that watched porn all day. He passed away a long time ago. This guy is in the house next to ours. One day, about a week ago, the mailman comes up to my dad and the guy across the street. He mentions that he canít fit any more mail into the mailbox and if anyone has seen Mr. Smith (our neighbor who died, which Iím changing his name here). The thing is that we almost never see him. When I lived there he was only seen getting in his car. So my dad decided to see if he was ok. He went and knocked on the door and no one answered. He pounded harder and still nothing. Finally he peaked through the windows to see if he could see anything. What he was an entire window filled with flies. From that moment he knew what happened. I guess Mr. Smith passed away 3 weeks ago without anyone noticing. He only had furniture in his family room and the rest of the house was pretty much empty. I never remember seeing him talking to anyone or doing anything. Itís just pretty sad. I hope if I died someone would notice earlier than 3 weeks. I think itís the 3 week thing that freaks me out.

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I was on a regular smoke break in our alley behind my job. Behind our office are residential homes. While Iím smoking one of the garage doors starts opening. While opening I notice a 4-5 year old run up to the door and grab on to the bar at the bottom of the door. The child is now hanging on while the door opens. The only thing is when the door finishes the childís face becomes a face of shock. Pretty much he had no idea on how to get down. I look at him and ask if he needs help. Shock face continues to look at me in absolute horror. I walk up to him and he drops into my arms and I put him down. He utters a quick thank you as he runs off to shut the door. I hang around for a couple more minutes to make sure he doesnít do it again.

My good deed of the day is done, and itís only 9:30 which really means I can just be a jerk for the rest of the day.

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I know Iím beating this thing into the ground but seriously give me ice cream and you keep me happy. Today a friend at work came up to me and said, ďKeep it quiet, but I have all the supplies you would need to make a root beer float in the fridge. Come on.Ē I get root beer float you have not heard a problem out of me today.

Except my stomach ache. Mmmm

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