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A Brief Stint in the Mind of the Highlights

Whatís the longest baseball game you have ever been witness to? White Sox vs Boston. 19 innings! It is going to go down as one of the highlight of live sporting events. The National Anthem before the Blackhawks game was quite great, but in something like 45 seconds the Hawks were down 3 goals and it was one of the worst games ever. Back to baseball. I thought after 4-5 hours I would be quite bored, but it was nothing like that. The scoreboard first changed from 1-9 innings, then 10-18 innings, then 19-27 innings. Just the idea got me excited. There were actually a number of great plays. Jermaine Dye slamming into the wall catching a ball that should have been a hit. After a certain point, because they did stop selling beer after the 7th, I was thinking that this game should not end. Let it be the longest game ever! It wasnít even close, but 6 hours and 15 minutes later I was happy I stuck around.

Iíll be out hunting apartments. Moving out on my own. No more roommates.

My friend Chris just had his bachelor party. The event, Drinking Olympics. Wow, how orginal. Youíre thinking that, arenít you? Well, the Drinking Olympics were actually bars with special games. It took a little research but we were able to find bars where we can play horse shoes, shuffle board, ping pong (yes, ping pong), and many more. Of course with us we will never just end it there. LET THE MEDALS OUT! Chris was the big winner through the night. I ended up with a silver and bronze.


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