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I just helped bake not one but two apple pies. So sweet it is.

My throat is a little scratchy. Cough cough.

And the curtain falls down on another week, and what a crazy one itís been. No rest for the wicked, even though I may have been more foolish than wicked. It all started off simply with two of my friends birthday. Now my friend, Chris quite enjoyed his Buffalo Billís Eric Moulds jersey, because as he is always ever willing to remind you, Eric Moulds is the most powerful wide receiver there is. Our bowling team bowled solidifying our standing for the season (since it was the last week). Hello last place. How the mighty have fallen. A quick stop at Elvis impersonator, then move on to some dance club, and all I can think about is how Iíve been busier than most weekends for myself.

We said good-bye to Tim, whoís moving to Arizona to learn how to fly. You know, so that I can have a personal pilot for when I control the world. You need to have someone you can trust flying you all over the world, and that guy I trust. I would trust him with at least two of my babies. If I have babies that is.

My friend, Scott, joined me for this weekend. Main purpose was to attend a football game of the school I attended to for one yearÖ.the ever fearful DeKalb Illinois. Letís go Huskies. I actually have no personal involvement with NIU. Scott has quite a lot invested with Iowa State though. So we saw NIU and ISU duke it out. Kevin make a fool of himself asking a girl to ďdo her tongue trick so that he can take a picture on his phoneĒ. Scott then made it official and asked if I would be his best man. (heís asked about four times all together but we both have been wasted beyond belief each and every time).

Luckily the sabbath came. My day of restÖ.of watching football. So I sat here still tired from the lack of sleep, amount of cigarettes smoked, amount of alcohol consumed, the loudness of my yells, and all the other things that come with having fun. So with a gracious smile, the last amount of energy I have, I wave good night to you all. Sleep well. And just a reminder Ė bowling party is this Tuesday. Enjoy.

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Itís strange. Not sure what to do. Not sure what is going on. Thoughts not helping, actually complicating things.

Looking at the odds, it is almost a guarantee that Iíll be robbed in 3 years if I move both times my lease is up. Why you ask? Well, Iíve been robbed yet again. I get a call from my roommate, but Iím unable to answer it. I get a call from my other roommate, unable to answer. Finally I get an e-mail telling me I have to call them. I call. My old apartment has been robbed. The one thing I have left there was taken. My DVD player (luckily one of my roommates has one so no worries for at least a year). Iím not quite as angry as I was the last time I was robbed. This time they left the frozen food. I appreciate that.

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You may have been wondering what Iíve been doing lately. Well, needless to say, Iíve been moving for the better part of the month. Iím now living with a graduate from culinary school. You know how sweet that is? Do you? Here is an example of how life with a cook is. Iím moving things, and Iím tired. Just finished my last box. My roommate goes, ďThereís lunch on the stove if you want it.Ē Yeah I want it. I take a shower later that day. I get out, and my roommate goes, ďDinnerís ready. Come and get it.Ē How sweet is that?!


Other events in my life Ė 1. I have bowled a 195, new high. Didnít even know I was bowling so well. The guy I was bowling against was in the 200 or something like that. I was just trying to keep up. 2. Iím officially terrible at fantasy football. So far (since Iím in too many dang leagues) Iím a total of 2-8. Things are not looking good for our hero. 3. Poker has begun again. One year to see all my winnings go to one person. 4. Football is upon us. Sundays are now much more busy, and if by busy I mean sitting on a couch, then yes, Iíve been busy.

And now we are getting serious. For a little over a year now Iíve been going down a terrible terrible slide, the slide of putting tar in to my lungs, or aka smoking. Now, Iíve never bought a pack, and I do a fairly decent job of trying to pay back at least the cigarettes that I bum, but Iím smoking too often. Before it used to be smoke when I drink, or smoke if Iím really really stressed (happens maybe once every two months). Now itís just too often. So Iíve gathered a few friends who have made a pact. A gentlemenís agreement. We are all putting down $100. First one who smokes gives up their money. Next guy who smokes gives up his. Winner takes all. Iím currently ranked at the top since Iíve never actually bought a pack. So if you want to put a side bet down, bet on me. Starts at the end of the month. Anyone else is more than welcomed to join.

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