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Isnít today a great day?!

I believe itís due to the weather. A nice crisp breeze, sweater wearing, overcast, slightly runny nose kind of weather. Finally. Who needs that hot sweaty summer crap?

Iíll be heading to the Cubs game tonight, which Iím pretty sure will definitely be my last game of the season. I know Iíve said that my last 3 games, but come on.

Ok, itís not overcast out anymore, but thatís just fine.

And now it is again! For your constant weather report please check back.

I also love cross guards that dance while theyíre waiting for little children to cross the street.

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Due to my lack of nothingness while I sit here at work Iíve decided to take Wednesday off as a treat to myself. Suggestions of things to do are gladly accepted.

A long football season has just been made longer. Bears game are going to be difficult to watch with Rex ďBears QB SaviorĒ Grossman out for the year.

Put a new load in, rinse, dry, and repeat. All Iím doing is the same thing. Someone should slap me in the head. But not too hard. People keep saying Iím fragile.

Fingers crossed, but I have a very good chance of winning my Dadís football pool this week. And who says gambling doesnít help anyone!

In case I donít mention it, Marc the Monkey will be back in the states come mid or late October. Alert the proper authorities.

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In my ever attempt to keep my brain from fully collapsing I was on IMDB looking at who I share my birthday with. Yes, I know itís months away, but I have to do something. I can only do so many crossword puzzles. So anyways, I do not share my birthday with anyone cool. Nobody. Yeah, I got Drew Bledsoe, from the New England Patriots. He lost in the Superbowl and didnít play in the other one he went to. But then I started to notice something. I share my birthday with a number of porn stars. (this is not a shameless attempt to get more readers searching for my web site, seriously). Melody Love, Pebbles II (I guess this is Pebbles I but improved with largerÖ.), Xtacee, Sapphire II (seriously you canít come up with a new name you steal someoneís porn name. Donít you think about this before you decide to just jump in the porn business?) . Sadly Sapphire II appears to be in only one film. I guess she wasnít as good as Sapphire I.

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If you didn't like bush, look who else doesn't.

My current job will be changing to something. No one has really informed what will be happening, but I do know that I wonít really have much work to do starting, well starting yesterday. Thatís fine. Iím looking at other opening positions at the company I work at (why not a different company, well I hate looking for jobs). Here is the description of some of the physical requirements of this position Ė

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear. The employee frequently is required to sit. The employee is occasionally required to stand, walk, and reach with hands and arms. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision.

I totally could to all of these things. I can speak and hear. Really I can. I like to sit too!

Most days I sit here and think that this is not what I thought I would be doingÖ.ugh. Got to get this figured out soon. Iím too old for this crap.

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At least I was able to make it out to Ames this weekend, but I did see a wicked amount of sun, and just a tinny tiny bit burnt. Oh, and in case you didnít know short short jean skirts are what all the girls are wearing now, at least of the college age.

The reason I was hanging out at a college campus was I went to see a college football game. Iím really not that sick 5 years removed from college freak going down to pick up women. Really.

After I got back my roommate informed me that someone stole our geranium. Let me say that again, someone stole our geranium. Right from our porch. They just reached up and stole it. Jerks. My roommate was able to keep it alive all summer too.

Well, my project at work ended. Now it will be interesting to see what happens to me.

My cubicle buddy quit and was able to find a job, so last week was her last day. Iíll miss her. The breaks just wonít seem as entertaining as before. Plus, whoís going to throw me notes or word finds. Dag.

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I am not a trained monkey. Really. No tail = no monkey. Unless of course said monkey has had his tailed removed in a terrible jungle accident, but never-the-less, Iíve never been in the jungle. As I was saying, my job has reached the point of incredible mind numbing monotony. In my old position, lots more stress, but it kept you on your toes. This position nothing happens. I plug in information into a computer. Iím a glorified date entry clerk, but paid a whole lot more than I ever did as a temp.

Odds are this is just where Iím focusing my annoyance. Itís quite simple to bitch about your job.

A side story of the poker night. We play No Limit Texas Holdíem. At points you can say All In! Your heart races, even though itís really not a whole lot of money, itís still quite exciting. My friend, Chris, instead of saying anything, unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a shirt that said, ďAll In Bitches!Ē Moment of the night.

I spoke to my Dad because I owe him some money. I asked if he cashed any of the checks Iíve sent to him, and he said no. This annoyed me. Ever since college ended Iíve always had an idea of how much I had in my checking account, but I donít balance it. I also assume if you get a check 3 months ago it would have been cashed by now. He then starts to tell me about balancing my check book. Yes, I know. Iíve been doing better lately, but those darn ATMs. Of course this is also bringing me to the point I really want to stop using ATMs since Iíve been in financial ruin for about the last month.

I still have no idea about Ames this weekend. Grr.

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Well thatís appreciated. Yesterday, was our final poker game of the season and low and behold I walked away the winner! It came at a great time mostly due to the fact for the past month or so I havenít really been able to get back onto my feet financially. Luckily I had a pair of 3s. Yes, pair of 3s won it all.

Two new crushes soon to be taken down a notch. Thatís ok, Iím tough like steel.

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The clouds look ominous today. Like a day where things are said that canít be brought back. Where something is going to fall from the sky. Thereís a strange breeze coming in from the lake. I also think Iím going to an observer in whatever may be brewing up. I donít have a stake in anything major these days. Not too shabby.

2nd annual MVP of Labor Day Whiffle Ball? I wouldnít say that, but I did hit the game winning homerun in the top of the ninth with 2 outs, 2 on, and down by 1 run. Quite powerful.

What is not powerful is the two strike outs I had earlier in the game.

Last Monday my friends and I gathered together to perform our 3rd annual Fantasy Football Draft. I forget every year how much work it is. Well, prepare because the football season is about to start, which means we will be privileged to the 2nd annual Fabulous Kelly Supernawís Football Picks. Made right before kickoff on Sunday, uploaded usually some point on Sunday or early Monday. We will also be asking for predictions of Division winners. So if you feel up for making some money against your friends, hereís some valuable info coming your way.

Iím not sure but next weekend Iíll be attending the 2nd annual viewing of Northern Illinois University vs Iowa State football game. Itís nice because I get to see my good friend Scott who I see maybe about 4-5 times a year. I guess they start tailgating at 5:30 AM, which doesnít set up for a good afternoon for me.

Iím only doing things annually now.

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