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Yawn! Stretch! Crackle!

Shhh. I don’t think anyone knows I’m here.

It’s coming up to my annual baseball trip. This year we will be stopping by and gracing a couple of cities with my presence. Chicago has been monopolizing my time. Sometimes you just need to ask for a little space. So off to Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. (with maybe a quick visit to Cleveland, but most of you know how I feel about Cleveland. Hot chicks and dick faces)
In my ever pursuit of visiting every baseball stadium at least once I ventured up to Milwaukee last night. Highlights and some lowlights…I didn’t lose money in my gambling of the homerun game. Milwaukee’s mascot, he has a slide. The child that announced the batters for one inning. Getting beer poured on me in the 2nd inning therefore having my pants drenched all game and a fume of beer emanating from me for the entire night.

There you go. I guess I was tired last night because when I was searching for the highway to move my butt back home I was driving down some familiar streets but they looked completely alien to me. I had no idea where I was for a while, and I was just turning down streets I recognized in hope of finding an on ramp, Taco Hell, a lighthouse, the Chicago skyline, hope. Any of that would have been fine. I ended up driving for a while and just pulled over and ate something. Food seemed to have relaxed the brain, plus a little caffeine, and I made my way on home.

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