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Whoa wee. What a tumbling last couple of weeks.

Iím currently a full time grown up. I have a big boy bed and now Iím living alone. No more roommates. Not a bad deal so far.

For Swaneyís 30th birthday the poker group (plus 2) and his wife planned a surprise trip to Las Vegas. 1st time ever. It was pretty jaw dropping. The things that just went around and the lights and craziness that occurred was fantabulous! For the last couple of trips Iíve been awarding each event a point or a negative point to see where the trip falls overall with the rest of the trips. San Francisco was the first one and that scored +48, but that might only because some girl started taking off her clothes in the middle of the street.

So hereís the breakdown Ė
Coming in on the plane and seeing the strip +2
Flying out with Joel +3
Turbulence -1
Surprising Swaney and tackling him +6
Nice cabbies +4
1st day losses in gambling Ė3
Not getting into a bar b/c I didnít have nice enough shoes on Ė3
1st night dinner Ė6
Swaney didnít feel well and I ate his lamb at 1st night dinner +7
Expensive drinks at the Wynn Ė4
Slushy drinks bought on the strip +4
Girls selling slushy drinks +2
Smokers paradise, ashtrays everywhere +3
Amount of smokes I had -6
Old Vegas +4
2nd day come back in gambling +3
Drunk, sober, drunk, sober, drunk, sober +6
2nd night dinner +5
Todd explaining how to lose money on a video poker game +2
In a limo on the Strip +10
Amazing karaoke bar where no one was a bad singer +3
Woman making out in the karaoke bar +8
A friend buying a 40 of Smirnoff drink +1
Fight on the strip +2 b/c you should see that on the strip but Ė5 b/c that woman had blood pouring down her face = -3
Nice dealers +2
Nice dealer but dealing me bad cards Ė1
Crappy dealer Ė5
Casino cool ratings: MGM Ė1, New York New York +1, Wynn +3, Paris +2, Ballyís +1 (thatís where I stayed), Bellagio Ė2, downtown casinos (b/c I canít remember the names) +4 = +8
Bellagio fountains +3
Finding Chris is not in his bed for the night -2
Finding Chris at the same table I left him at 4 hours earlier +6
Sitting at airport way too long b/c I messed up when we should get there Ė4
Having no one care b/c we were tired of casinos +2
Having conversations with two guys from my poker group I didnít know extremely well +8
Getting even with money on Sunday morning +6
Losing $50 after getting even an hour or two later -6
Getting in at 1 in the morning and to my place by 2 in the morning Ė3
Having the next day off +2

Total = +63
Great trip. Willing to do it again, later though. Much later.

Iíll be ending my tour of the U.S. later this month for my annual baseball trip. This year Houston, Arlington, Kansas City and St. Louis. Whatís impressive is from the last baseball trip to this one Iíll have been to 13 cities: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Pretty good year.

In other happy news when Iím in St. Louis Iíll be able to see my new niece, who was born on a Wednesday but I didnít find out till Sat., Lillian Grace Saul. What a cutie. That makes a total of 5 nieces, with another on the way in the next couple of months.

Other news: we had the end of the year poker group tournament game. Recap of the rules: 1st month you put in $25, you get chips, you play with those chips, you run out you can buy more. This year was a bad year for poker for me. Overall I think I had to buy in about $100 more than the original $25. Most of the people did not have to buy in, b/c they had all of my money to play with. The only time I did well is when a friend came into town and I wasnít coherent by the time I got there b/c of the Cubs game and the BBQ beforehand. Never the less, Iím talking about the last night. I just want you to know I wasnít doing quite well, and I was the low stack (I was able to buy in back to $25). Then after sticking around, picking my time to play and getting a little lucky I ended up winning! Winner takes all. I felt really good about it.

Ok folks. Thereís the update. Talk to you later! Out.

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Trust me, it's funny

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