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And the bet is over. We can smoke with no repercussions. We lasted 21 days, which to say the least, is a big accomplishment for all involved, mostly for the regular smoker who partook in the bet. Hell, he started smoking when he was 14, and he went 21 long days (with a little bitching and begging to call off the bet) with out a cigarette. Iím just proud of him because he was able to do that. We kept trying to come up with stipulations such as when we can smoke, how much we can smoke, and other little regulations to try and control our smoking. Instead the bet was called off. The reason behind the bet was getting foggy. I still havenít smoked, which is a good sign. I didnít even want to smoke last night. So everyone, help me out here. DO NOT OFFER ME CIGS. Thanks a bunch.

And so it goes onÖ..

While I was spinning and pushing myself in my chair I returned to my desk at work. Each and every day we receive paper work. I save the top sheet that informs us which paper work we were given. I looked at the stack of paper and became sick to my stomach. Crap. Iíve done a whole lot of nothing here at this job. I should take a day off soon.

Bowling started againÖ..and I am tired.

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Iíve been watching too much baseball lately. Itís hard not to get swept up in the hoopla that is the Chicago Cubs. Hell, my 2nd favorite team, the Red Sox, is in the playoffs playing the Yankees (holy crap I hate the Yankees). This is a TV ratings dream when it comes to the baseball playoffs. Me, Iím just sitting there. Must find projects to do while the games are on. It is fun to see the crowds run around. People cheering every where. Iím thinking I should head down to the stadium to cause a little hoopla of my own, if you know what I mean.

I woke up early today, on purpose. I started to walk to the grocery store thinking how I wanted a banana and some oj. The problem was that when I went to the kind grocery store I only had 42 cents. I finally got my ATM card (which I lost over 2 weeks ago), but I did not get cash just yet. Sadly, the corner store had no oj. Even sadder, I couldnít charge my bananas because they didnít cost enough. Itís not like Iím going to buy 10 dollars worth of bananas. Iím no monkey.

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Hereís a new weekly thing (even if it is a little late getting up here on the world wide web for all to see). It is Kellyís Picks. Each week, before football I ask my friend who she thinks will win each and every game. Most weeks she beats everyone out getting two or three incorrect. It just so happens, her first public week she struggles. So Kellyís picks for last week of football.

Denver vs Kansas City - Denver
Miami vs NY Giants Ė NY Giants
Seattle vs Green Bay Ė Green Bay
Minnesota vs Atlanta Ė Minn.
New Orleans vs Carolina Ė Carolina
Cinci vs Buffalo Ė Cinci
Oakland vs Chicago Ė Chicago (lock pick)
Arizona vs Dallas Ė Dallas
Tenn vs New England Ė Tenn
San Diego vs Jacksonville Ė San Diego
Washington vs Phili Ė Phili
Detroit vs San Fran Ė San Fran
Cleveland vs Pitt Ė Pitt
Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay Ė Indianapolis

She was 8-14. Nice job.

Now I understand that these picks are coming out too late for you to be betting on them, but hey. She just goes with her initial feeling. Betting on that (when it is not her lock pick of the week) is just a bad idea.

Yesterday I went bowling. Not in my usual bowling league. We are on a break. For some reason I think I hurt my left butt cheek while I was bowling. Feel free to try to explain that one.

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Today was the most perfect day to take off from work. It just so happens that I was a bit ill which helped because I slept so deep. I had an eye doctor appointment. Now, dedicated readers (you know who you are) know I just got a new pair of glasses about 6 months ago. Well, my eyes have been hurting, headaches have been popping up, and just craziness has been going on, so I thought, why not get my eyes checked out. Scary moment was when he put on those goggles to test my eyes and he says focus on the image. My question was which one. I was seeing double. Now this has been happening for about a year now. Every once in a while I will be looking at something, it will split in to two images, I focus up, and every thing calms down. I didnít think too much of this, but he gave me this look like I had a tumor in my eye or something even worse, such as a little gnome taking an ice pick into the rear of my eye causing it to flex creating the second image. But in reality it is just that my eyes try to stay in focus so much while Iím at work and doing things throughout the day that one eye becomes too tired, there fore it takes some time off, creating the second image. I think I might have the slightest bit of a lazy eye. Officially called Convergence Insufficiency.

Now they want me to take some vision therapy. Ha to that.

Ever since I started working Iíve missed walking around on the week days. It helps when you have money to spend, but I really miss the smaller crowds when Iím walking around.

But a little too much time to think todayÖ..

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