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Wanna know how to ruin a moment? Get mugged. Thatís now twice. Iím not as shaken up as I was the first time. My body isnít shaking, Iím not on the verge of tears, and my lip isnít split. Did I get slugged in the face again, yes. Did he have a knife, yes. Itís just bull shit. I hate the fact that I wanted to tell the girl to run while I was laying in some shrubbery. I hate that I didnít do anything (even though it was the smarter thing to do). I just want to punch something.

I was having a great time at the party too. Iím not sure what I did in any previous life but it must have been something pretty crappy.

On the bright side I think I only gave him $10 out of the $70 I had on me, and I didnít give him my wallet so I donít have to get a new license or cancel my credit cards. Of course that the girl I was walking home ended up losing those things and about $30.

I just want to be able to fall asleep tonight with no crappy dreams,

Lesson Ė Iím not good at protection. Iím not strong, and pretty much anyone you meet will be stronger than me.

Happy fucking Halloween. Great, another date just ruined in my mind.

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In my ever attempt to finalize my Halloween costume Iíve finally purchased the final piece. Odds are I spent too much, but alas. Sadly, Iím not even all that excited about it, but I digress. At the store I had to wait in line outside of the store since, you know, itís only a couple of days before the special holiday. There was a lady crying on the curb and my first instinct was to ask her whatís wrong, but the line was growing longer. I stepped in line as soon as the girl started screaming. She was screaming about how the store wouldnít accept a return for a costume that cost $75. According to her the entire store was a Ďmother fuckersí. In my mind itís your problem that you bought a costume that cost $75. Bad on you.

While in line I was standing next to a little girl and her mother. We were doing the little chit chat you do while waiting in line. The mother said something about how she saw only two costumes left of what the little girl wanted. So I of course asked what she was going to be. Mainly because Iím always excited to find out what kids are going to dress up as, and itís my feeble attempt to make sure I can still see myself thinking like a kid. She turns to me, turns to her mother and says, what am I going to be again. The mom says a Go-Go Dancer. Right quick like I respond thatís what Iím going to be, I hope there isnít only one left. The kidís eyes get big, but then laughs. The older man in front of me starts chuckling and turns to me with a weird look. I just look at him and smile.

Costume idea I wish I thought of that was told of me, Friendster.

Iíve noticed most of my interactions with people end up with me just looking at them and smiling since I know there is usually nothing I can say that will soothe the situation.

Itís strange when I realize Iíve put up my wall towards people. I donít do it too much anymore, but every once in a while a situation arises and I know itís better for the wall to be up than to actually deal with it. One, itís never a good time to discuss whatís on my mind, and two discussing it would just create more problems than they would solve. I keep getting asked whatís wrong from this specific person or whatís going on, and my answers are always very short one word answers. Itís sad because we were pretty good friends for a while, but you canít expect me to go deep into something bothering me when Iím at work or at a party.

Someone mentioned that people are only complaining about Bush recently because itís the in thing. My problem with this kind of statement is that people have been complaining about Bush for his entire term. There are reasons people complain about him. How about when he called himself the Environmental President and cut down thousands/millions of trees. Mcsweeneyís has a page where they write some of the crazy crap he does. I understand there wonít be a president that you always agree with, but itís way better to not have someone you donít really agree with at all. Also, this thought occurred to me in the shower (why am I thinking about presidents in the shower I donít know), itís not about choosing the lesser of two evils, itís about choosing the President you most agree with. Find your issues, decide where you stand on those points, and find one who agrees with you the most. I know candidates just say crap all the time, but hopefully you will be able to figure out where they really stand on issues. You can find that information if you look for it. Enough of my high horse. I donít even really like riding horses.

Election party at my house on Tuesday. Feel free to show up. Itís being held by my roommate, not the one who cooks but the crazy one about politics. If you want drinks, bring it yourselves. If you want some snacks, we will provide a few.

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My question to all of you is how can Lynne Cheney, wife of Dick Cheney, say that Kerry is not a good man when she continues to be married to Dick Cheney? Shivers down my spine, especially when Kerry is saying something supportive of Lynne Cheney's daughter.

While we were sitting around last night one of my friends said when the two debaters came out instead of shaking hands he would like to see one or the other just sucker punch the other.

Iím not sure why, but Iím listening to a lot of Skainkiní Pickle lately. And I declare that it is awesome!

You are all so lucky that I keep coming back to this due to the fact my job is quite slow right now.

On my morning walk around work I ran into a sign that said a new bank was open, and ďMy Powerful Banking Starts ThereĒ! This is good news because really I donít any weak ass punk doing my banking. I want and expect powerful banking!

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I got home after watching the stinking Yankees pull off yet another victory against the Red Sox. My friend, from Boston, went through many stages of hopelessness and a feeling that the Sox were going to be able to pull it off. Me, I just donít want the Yankees to win. By the time I got home I was ready for bed though. Iím standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I look down and I see a pool of water. Iíll clean that up, I think. Then I get closer and now Iím thinking that the cat threw up again. And as I look even closer (why am I going closer to something that I may or may not believe to be puke I donít know why) and I realize that itís shampoo. A very large pool of shampoo. It appears that my bottle, ĺ full cracked, and leaked under the claw-footed tub, down the shelf. This is not something I want to see moments before I crawl into bed, so I started cleaning, scrubbing and rinsing, in a feeble attempt to wipe up something that just produces more suds than the ones you pick up. I blame this on the Yankees.

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I do appreciate my boss letting me come in late on Monday since I was traveling most of the weekend to St. Louis and back. Sleeping in, making breakfast, going shopping. I was more productive than entire weekends. I even changed the oil on my car, or at least paid someone to do it. As I finish paying for the transaction of dirty oil to clean oil the man hands me a small plastic bag. I get in my car and look inside thinking, ďMaybe an apple?Ē Low and behold itís an onionÖÖ.
I have no idea why I was given an onion after my oil change. None, never, no how.

The onion is currently rolling around in my back seat.

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