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Ok, speakerphones. Seriously. Why use them when it's only one on one. Come on!
And really funny jack hole calling me now using the speakerphone.

It's Halloween. Need two more things for my costume. Mustache and a gun. Hot. Mostly because mustaches are hot.

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Halloween is fast approaching, and low and behold I donít have a costume. My best idea is Ron Burgandy from Anchorman, because I could just quote the movie all night. It would be grand, but that seems slightly expensive. Any other great ideas out there?

Iíve been running ragged since last weekend , when I foolishly told myself I was going to take it easy. 3 shots of whiskey later, not so easy, and I havenít been able to catch up. Iím either seeing movies (finally saw Wedding Crashers, I peed in my pants just a little bit), playing video games, or watching sports. I need real sleep. Seriously.

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I think I was outside for possibly the last really nice comfortable night. Just went to a coffee shop, got some hot chocolate, read, and chatted with the new roommate. All in all, 2 thumbs up.

Iím about to spend a ridiculous amount on White Sox World Series tickets.

Later in day Ė
No tickets. I got excited about it right before I started trying to get them. I need a hug.

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Watch out shoes! Who knows where this may take me.

I think I accidentally told my boss I hate my job and Iím looking for a way out. Any way out. It wasnít spoekn not in those exact words, but that was the basic message. Sheís one of those bosses that when you talk to them they just stare at you, and you feel compelled to just keep talking and talking in hope what ever you say she will walk away. So I say more and more stupid things. Someone should just tape my mouth shut. It would be better for everyone.

There is a regular article by Bill Simmons I read pretty much every day something is posted. He has a theory about Jennifer Love Hewitt, which is pretty much every girl hates her. So last night Iím watching tv with my roommates who happen to be girls. There was an ad for Ms. Hewittís new show something or other, and my new roommate just goes, ďGod, I hate her.Ē I turn to her and explain the article I read talks about that very thing. She looks at me after a couple of seconds and then says, ďI donít care. I still hate her.Ē

Did I mention I have a new female roommate and the male roommate moved out? Let the Threes Company jokes begin (again).

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Iím back, with some new baseball hats! I donít even wear baseball hats all that much. I should remember not to attend sporting events with a pocket full of cash that was for the entire baseball trip. Oh well. At least Iíve been told I look good in orange and red.

In Pittsburgh, our 4th city in 4 days, I woke up and decided I needed to take a walk. I could tell I was getting annoyed at everyone and needed a little time by myself. I just couldnít handle being surrounded by people in a little mini-van trying to keep quiet because I just didnít really feel comfortable. Plus, I was out of smokes. So I left and started walking around looking for a 7-11 that was right around the corner. Of course I went the wrong way, but then again, they just said, ďacross the street and down a bit.Ē Imagine it with a hard Pittsburgh accent. While walking a guy who was attempting to sleep on a bench asks for a smoke and I tell him Iím out, but I am looking for a store to get one. He then asks if he can walk with me. I said sure. Of course my brain and heart started to freak out. My body was telling me I was getting mugged, mostly because so few people were around. Of course nothing happened. We just chatted while we walked back to the store that I first avoided. I told him about my trip. He told me about his dreams. He told me about certain parts of the city. Little places he really likes. Once at the store I bought my smokes, gave the guy a few and couple of bucks. For some reason that was my favorite part of my trip. I just wish that I could become that trusting guy I was before those couple muggings.

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