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In a highly demanded segment here is another point scoring for my trip to San Antonio and Austin with my friend Kelly. Enjoy.

Waking up seeing snow knowing I’ll be going to Texas +1
Walking in the wind looking for a place open for breakfast –1
Eating at the Lincoln +2
Guy on crutches telling me my army jacket is vintage from the 60s because he was in the military in the 70s and the jackets were different as we’re walking to the EL +1
Security throwing my toothpaste out b/c it’s not in a plastic bag –1
The hour and a half delay of our flight -2
Sky Mall Magazine +4
Highlights from the Sky Mall
Hot Dog Toaster +1
Firefly Survival Poncho +2
Marshmallow Shooter +2
Car rental not having our car and giving us a Lesabre –1
XM Radio -3
Jones-Maltsberger Rd, most confusing road on the planet -2
Staying at the Hotel Contessa +3
The room being larger than my current apartment +1
The bed conforming to my form +1
The River Walk +4
The River Walk at night +6
A heated rooftop pool and hot tub +4
French toast in the shape of Texas +1
Man telling me my shirt is boring and I should get a cowboy shirt +1
Looking at cowboy boots +1
The Alamo Theater in Austin, great advertisements before the movie +2
Bar we got a drink at before the rock show +1
An Old 97’s Show in Austin at Stubb’s. +5
Seeing Kelly smile so much +2
Trying Munudo (it has tripe in it) -1
Little house for the writer I can’t remember. $6.00 a month when he rented it +1
Mexican Pastries +1
Talking about rolling your pants and jelly shoes (which I still don’t understand) +2
The Alamo +1
The theater on the river walk (the stage is on one side the audience sits on the other side of the river) +2
The International Accordion Festival +2
The French band that played on the stage on the river walk +2
The fat jolly man who played the trumpet +2
Jones-Maltsberger Rd, most confusing road on the planet –1
Having 25 min. to catch the last flight back to Chicago –1
Adrenaline to make that flight +2
Realizing that Texas isn’t my least favorite state and now I must decide between Oklahoma, Ohio or Florida -1

Total score = positive 46

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