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Wa Hoo! Half day at work! This means I will only do about 15 minutes of actual work. Watch out because Iím just about to settle in for the long weekend!

Itís time for our annual Thanksgiving Football game. There hasnít been too much hype this year due to the fact a lot of minor injuries so we have been taking it easy in preparing for it. But I would like to let all you fine readers know this tidbit of information. We, the annual football players, have been noticed. Yes. A friend of mine, who partakes in the yearly excursion, was flying home. While flying he was reading an airline magazine where a man tells about his yearly football game, The Turkey Bowl, having its 20th anniversary. While he talks about how they are getting old and resorted to playing only flag football the last couple of years he tells about how people seem to gather and play, just like that other group of guys who have gathered there for the last four years and play when they do in the field across the stret. That group is our Thanksgiving Football game. Honorable out mother fuckers!

A friend of mine is getting married this weekend. Itís the first friend getting married. Itís sort of fucking up my mind.

This will be my third Thanksgiving meal too. Friends threw one two weeks ago. My parents, since my brother came in from St. Louis, threw one last week. And now this, the true Thanksgiving. Man am I going to be fat.

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Ow! Crap. My knee.

So I borrowed my Dadís first tape of the current season of The Sopranos. Which of course means that I am now thinking of being a mob boss yet again. I understand I wonít have to control the rage inside of me. Be afraid of pissing me off for the next couple of weeks. You wouldnít like it if I beat the crap out of you with an ice bucket now would you? How are your wet clothes feeling right now? Thought so.

My friends had a turkey meal this weekend. We sat around and went around saying one thing we were thankful. S-Dogg of course said he was thankful for the Blackhawks finally signing a big time free agent. Breaker said he was thankful for me and a plethora of things. I said I was thankful for comic books. What? I am.

My problem was rectified in a sort of cheap way of avoiding it. Call me the master of illusions if you will. (shit where did that rabbit come from. Oh Saulís here).

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When your walking around late at night while there is snow falling it just seems to compose the mind, extract all bad thoughts, make you want to dance, and a bunch of other good feelings.

Then you wake up and you see the snow stuck and that makes you even more excited. Welcome winter. I am excited for you. Except the fact that I still have no winter coat.

Someone said the best and happiest day of the year is the day of the first snow fall. I just might agree with him.

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So I have a new system for my webpage...any problems please forward any complaints to Ernie of Bert and Ernie fame. He is willing to deal with all your shit. Trust me, you donít want to bother that guy on a bad day. How do you think I broke my ankle or dislocated my shoulder?

Iíve joined a monthly poker game. This is the first time Iím actually playing for some high stakes, you know, more than pennies. It makes you think about the game a bit differently. Like if one certain guy stays in and uses a blue chip (whoa, a blue chip, you must be out of your mind!?) then it is a good idea to fold. But if another guy starts to smile and talks about his mom or your mom then it is a time to raise. But if there is a full moon, you are on your 10th beer, the feeling of your toes has disappeared over an hour ago, and a bat just flew through your apartment, then it is time to take two cards, shout ďViva The French Revolution! I will kick your stomach!Ē, and turn around three times. Then you are certain to get at least a pair if there are three wilds. Trust me on this. I did fucking studies on this shit.

Number one reason to become president Ė to ask my wife (you almost need to be married to become president. The voters like those married types), ďWhose your commander in chief?Ē

In certain situations (not those poker situations, I told you I did studies on that shit) I donít know what to do. Nice guy inside of me tells me one thing, common sense tells me another, then there is this little guy who just canoes around in my head that tells me another insane thing. All this leaves me still with the problem and no solution. Crap.

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I canít really say I bowled like a Powerful CreatureÖbut I can say I did go bowling last night.

Iím invincible when Punk Rock Girl is on. Just watch out people.

I showed great restraint today by not swatting the head off of the stand-up of the Verizon guy who always says, ďcan you hear me now?Ē Just a small sign of maturity showing up these days.

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