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The End of an Era

I would say I had a pretty good run at this. 6 years. Not everyone can say that. But sadly this year was my last. Or at least it should be. Odds are this year will be my last Thanksgiving Football. The reason, I dislocated my shoulder for a second time. So as my arm sits in a sling for a couple of days I will catch up on my reading, and think that at least only my shoulder is sore, not my entire body as it usually feels the Saturday after our Thanksgiving Football.

In other happier news I held my four day old niece on Thanksgiving. So small and cute. She fit in-between my wrist and elbow. So much hair, and she had the cutest little mittens on. Quite adorable. And I found out that my other sister-in-law, who is expecting in February, is expecting a girl.

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So yesterday sitting in my family room (my roommates are like family, we dine together, we go shopping together…) I was sitting there nervous with anticipation, not because the Bears were in another game were you had a feeling they may blow another fourth quarter lead, but because my sister-in-law went into labor. My brother called, and at noon she went into the hospital. Then at 3:27 PM my niece was born, Elizabeth Lillian Saul. Cute. . Lillian is named after my grandmother. I get to see her, and hold come this Thanksgiving. I’m pretty excited. Elizabeth is just a sweet name. Make me an uncle times three, 3 nieces. I have a feeling the Saul family name ends with us four boys because we were all boys, it just feels like we will all have girls.

My other brother’s wife is also pregnant. She is due sometime in February. Can anyone else say Valentine’s Baby. I’m perfectly all right with sharing my birthday with a new baby.

In other Thanksgiving celebrations that will occur, it is almost time for Thanksgiving Football! Slightly frightening because this year actually sounds like it’s going to be cold. 1st time in a long time. Knock on wood for no injuries.

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My day of accomplishing things actually turned into a day of napping on the couch. Dang, and it was so nice outside.

Now I’m back at work feeling like my head is spinning on a top causing my brain to see strange and interesting images. People are calling on the phones and I’m not quite sure what I’m telling them. Ugh. Why did I come in today.

This is setting up for a weekend of movies. Sweet.

Oh. Happy Birthday dick head. Hope Omaha is treating you ok. For as good as Omaha can treat someone.

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Kelly’s Picks had a tough week last week. I’m expecting her to rebound next week. No worries.

Bowling was pretty sweet this past week. Must easier to even write about bowling when you actually bowl well. My average is moderately rising, and we are doing fairly well. A nice response after finishing last place last season. We even came back from 40 pins down in the 4th frame. Things are looking up for the Arctic Brotherhood.

Hey, look at who won’t be freezing this winter! This guy! Yet another attempt has been made so that I stay a bit warmer than my hoody and spring jacket would allow. Only problem, it’s brown. I have no accessories for the color of brown. Crap.

Taking sick days are the best! I was going to take tomorrow off but a friend is coming in for lunch. Since she lives in Texas (boo Texas) I figured it is the least I can do by going into work. I’ve already seen some of Better Off Dead, and I was going to go rent some movies. How sweet is that.

I think I might go book shopping today. For shame on me.

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Wanna see movies of my dreams?

Best line from the book I’m currently reading, “…right now Scrabble is the most important thing in my life.” I’m pretty sure people thought that about me and some of my friends back in the day with Axis and Allies.

According to Governor Gray Davis the energy crisis is over in California. FREE ENGERY FOR EVERYONE!

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A friend just left for New York yesterday. Mr. Patrick Sarb has taken a leave of absence to the state of Illinois. It’s not like he is performing on Broadway in a large musical, such as Mama Mia. Oh wait, he is. With two days notice Mr. Patrick Sarb, the man who wouldn’t believe me when I told him that we had the same birthday back in 7th grade, moved to New York. Pretty amazing eh? We don’t see each other a lot anymore, but I’m going to miss the guy. Good luck pal. Hope I can find the money and make it out there to see you on the big stage.

If anyone wants to see a really bad movie please go see the new Matrix. Odds are they spent 10 years writing the first one, and asked their 13 year old son to write the next two. Clichés abound I started to make fun of the movie, which is all one can do when they pay $5 to see such a terrible movie, only to be met with sighs and shhes. People, this is Keanu Reeves up there. How long must one be in a death scene till you find that it becomes ridiculous (I’m not going to say who dies, settle down people)? Dear lord, I feel upset about spending even $10 dollars.

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Okay, I didn’t make it out of the city this weekend and away from everything, but I did get a chance to walk around in the mild flurries and the few flakes of snow that fell to the ground. Best feeling ever.

If you ever thought I’m not going to read comic books because a) they are stoopud and b) they are stoopud, due to the fact that you have only read the Avengers comic where he they are guest stars on Saturday Night Live or the Superman comic where he fights Muhammad Ali, well do I have a comic you should read that may change your mind. Cerebus. Now bare with me for a second. The comic is a story about a :3-foot tall aardvark man”. Quite exciting if I do say myself, but if you need more, click on the link. Only problem is the trade paperbacks may cost you a pretty penny. So ask one of your friends that reads them to buy one and borrow his. Gosh. Do I have to tell you everything.

I’m in search of a winter jacket that will propel me in to the mob by just wearing it. I was allergic to my last winter jacket that I purchased (1st one in five years), but I’m thinking if I get one of those jacket that all those mobs guys are and just flip up the collar I’ll be a shoo in. I could just be standing around, and when they are “discussing their business”, flip my collar and join in. Pretty sweet!

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Kelly’s Mid-Season Divisions Winners! Place Your Bets Now! She has also named the team’s MVP

NFC North – Bears (Anthony Thomas)
NFC South – Panthers (Stephen Davis)
NFC West – Rams (Torry Holt)
NFC East – Cowboys (Bill Parcells – she just likes the coach)
NFC Wildcards – Vikings, Giants (Randy Moss and Tiki Barber)

AFC North – Ravens (Jamel Lewis)
AFC South – Titans (Steve McNair)
AFC West – Chiefs (Priest Holmes)
AFC EAST – Patriots (Tom Brady – he’s a hottie)
AFC Wildcards – Texans, Dolphins (Dominick Davis, Ricky Williams)

I’m in Pigskin Pickim. All we do is pick the winners. Kelly, week in week out, beats me.

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My head is just pounding. It feels like people are going down a water slide screaming the whole way down because there is an octopus laying in the pool below. Just so you know.

We are back! Bowling last season was a sad affair. We ended in last place. For shame. Currently we are now in the top 10. The Arctic Brotherhood is back. And let me tell you winning makes bowling a whole lot more fun.

I really really want to go driving off in the country or somewhere that will make me believe that I am in the country. The leaves have either changed color or fallen. I want to find a pile of leaves and kick them. Walk around with no definitive destination in mind. It would be phenomenal to just look at some trees, hear animals, and not hear any traffic. That would be nice. Sort of what I need right now.

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Kel’s picks are up. I know you were waiting all weekend. Next week – Division Champions. Prepare yourself.

My Halloween costumes went off without a hitch and was a smashing success. Who did I go as? Try and find me. I would be lost in the crowd for I was Where’s Waldo?! And there was one, and only one person who saw me carrying cane and shouted, “Oh my god! He even has a cane!” While a majority of the people asked me why I was carrying one in the first place. If you look closely the cane was one of the objects you were supposed to find in one of the books. Off my case already.


I also found myself watching The Godfather. It’s only the second time I’ve seen it, and the first time was on Halloween too! It is starting to bring back my mob feelings. It just so happens that this week’s American Life was about waste, or the story I heard waste management. Or even to clarify myself, waste management ran by the mob. Did you know that when the feds finally took down the mob cartel in charge of the waste management of New York City that the price of waste dropped so that they saved somewhere close to 68 million dollars (or at least a number close to that). They have also said that since then only a few corporations now control the waste and all the savings and price droppings have disappeared. They asked a mob guy what the difference between the mob and large corporations and he said that the only difference was that the mob might kill you.

On a brighter………………EXTREME PUMPKINS!

Same mistake same problems. Moving on.

Today I walked in the rain….and it was fun. I walked, sorted a few things out in the head. I stood under a doorway for a while and watched people walk by with their umbrellas. A crazy old man (I could tell he was crazy by the hat he was wearing) was looking at his bag of groceries getting wet and looked slightly annoyed at it. It was nice.

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