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I like spending the first couple of hours catching up with what has happened in the world since Wednesday.

This week is about rock being listened to at work! No more sappy/sad/pussy shit here anymore. (anyone think some of those descriptions will make for some pretty good web searches? think anyone coming to my site might be a little disappointed once they get here?) Itís balls to the wall this week! Watch the fuck out.

I was away this weekend, which was really nice. Now most people would assume that I spent the entire weekend drinking and rocking out. I was out in Omaha and Hastings in Nebraska. Why would you do that you say? I was visiting some friends. So in your drunken stupor what happened. Well, Iím not one to pass up a learning opportunity so here are some fun facts that I learned about Hastings, NE, the quintessential quiet American city.

-Hastings is the birthplace of Kool-Aid. I say a plague. Itís legit. Only a couple of pictures of the large Kool-Aid guy was around though. No one in costumes. Which sadden me a little.

-During World War II Hastings had one of the, if not the, largest Ammunition factory in the nation. I visited the abandoned ammo depot, which was incredibly eerie. It stretched for about a mile of uniform barracks. There were little hills all over the base. The hills were underground bunkers with vents sticking out of the tops of the hills (if youíre looking for a place to start the revolution, here is a decent spot to meet). It was strange because it looked like there were more mounds than actual buildings. I guess they created those incase Nebraska would be bombed from airplanes. My thinking is that if Nebraska, the middle of the country, is getting bombed there are a whole lot more things we should be worried about than if those soldiers have a place to hide.

-Since during World War II there was an influx of soldiers, and we all know soldiers like to party. Downtown Hastings became a heaven for those men. Bars and brothels abound! During the 50s the town closed and boarded up the 2nd floor of all the buildings. I guess with the dramatic drop in population there wasnít enough business to keep it all open. I met this old guy who is an artist named Dave, who was about 8 years old during the war. He also has a powerful beard. Anyway, he bought one of those buildings and currently lives on the first floor. On the second floor was an old brothel called the Burlington Room (it was near the railroad tracks) that was boarded up since the 50s. Everything was intact. The paint, carpet, tiling, ceiling, and stuff like that. He ended up creating a little museum of what the brothel would have looked like furnished. It was quite impressive. There were little things through out the place that I loved. An old radio, shaving kit with sharpening stone, old magazines, and a bunch of other stuff. He also put up some of his more sexual paintings to enhance the atmosphere. He was quite an amazing, humble, kind, and interesting individual.

Another thing I was looking at was in the magazine and the reporting of a war is so different now than it was back then. I understand we have a lot more access to information than the population did in the 40s. Almost of the information was so uplifting. The war is going well, weíre advancing. Help out the soldiers! A picture of a happy soldier waving to the camera. Itís just so different now, and it feels nice since it doesnít feel like were getting lied at the entire time.

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Thing I like
-Cigarettes sparks hitting the ground after being thrown out of a car at night.

Thing I donít like
-Personalized license plates

Other thing I don't like
-Marc moving away again.

I'm not propositioned for happiness.

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I had a dream last night. I was back in college and I realized that it was the end of the semester. The only problem was I stopped showing up to two my classes. One was a religious class and the other was Geography of the planet or something like that. I know I took these courses in my real college because it was the professors that actually taught me. Anyway, Iím looking at how the grading breaks down and Iíve taken one quiz all year for these two classes. Iím panicking now because Iím not going to graduate. I decided to drive over to school and try and talk my way through passing. For some reason the school is on a beach and all the parking is open but itís permit. So I drive around and around trying to remember where I used to park and why I didnít just stay up late last night and write that paper that was only 2 pages. Dag.

Then I woke up and all I could think about was what was I going to write my paper on and why was I such a slacker that I would actually skip a class that was giving a test.

20 min. later I figured out that Iím not in school anymore.

Poker update. I wore my shirt that I won the end of the year poker last night in an attempt to change my fortunes. It did. I only lost 35 cents. Boo ya!

Yesterday was really nice. I sort of needed that just so I didnít find myself sitting there thinking all day and zoning out. Thanks friends.

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