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I played our annual Thanksgiving Football game and escaped without injury. Except it hurts to walk, but thatís a little thing. I must say though it wasnít as much as fun as usual. It was nice to run around since lately Iíve been such a lump of clay lately, but overall it was only ok. I think I might retire, but at least this time itís without an injury.

Just checked, shoulder is still good.

I really like Thanksgiving weekend. Mainly due to the fact of the number of friends in town.

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I didnít bowl that well. Below my average. Boo.

I missed bowling so much. I picked up a tough spare and I was so happy. Itís a shame that a spare has such drastic results on my mood. I need to get out more.

To top off a fabulous Saturday of bowling I spent the day just meandering around the hood enjoy the nice fall day. I kicked some leaves and was happy.

Iíve been reading more news and politics, which is important because I find myself unable to have an intelligent conversation about any current topic, but thatís usually because I focus on the ethics of an issue then, letís say, specific facts. Recently everything Iíve read and watched just makes me angry. The news shows of people just yelling at each other counts as news? And letís not talk about people not even researching their facts and making way too many grand statements. Even worse when a news source just takes one aspect of the source and twists it to help their purpose or message (one of the problems that happened with Mr. Deanís campaign with all his yelling the states sounding like a mad man even though the crowd was so loud that he had to yell so that the people could hear him). It just gets me angry. I just wish I had an outlet for it so that something could be better. Not saying I could run things better. Iím an idiot and way to sentimental. Letís face it, Iím a bleeding heart, but there has to be someone somewhere to fix the mess that has become our news sources. And you know whatís worse? Sports are becoming the exact same thing that the news shows have become! Thereís a reason I watch dumb sports shows over news shows, but not so much anymore.

On to brighter topics, so butterflies, huh? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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