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Itís been a while. Iím still alive.

Back on 11/9/07 I went to Columbus, OH. Now some of you remember from previous vacations that Ohio has not always treated me with great respect. I felt it was time to give it another try, and that I get to see my friend Scott which is always a good time.

The highlight of the weekend was that we were going to go see an Ohio St college football game. They were playing Illinois, and you may remember that is the college I attended. Scott went to Iowa St. and just really likes college football so off we went. He decided to join me in my orange and blue pride so that I wouldnít be the only one beat up. I assumed my team would lose by 21 points. They were playing the number one team in the country and after watching many games the last few years Illinois didnít surprise me all that much, but low and behold an upset started forming. The first couple of touchdowns Scott and I cheered knowing that it couldnít keep up, but the I-L-L kept scoring. There was nothing quite like when 100,000+ people went silent when Illinois went up 2 touchdowns late in the game. Ohio St fans, they lose graciously. Mostly because they didnít lose to Michigan.

I would also like to give props, because I have a few extra laying around and they were just collecting dust in my apartment, to the Ohio St. Marching Band. I know, itís a marching band, but it was pretty impressive. They write Ohio St. out in cursive which is pretty neat that no one runs into each other, and when the lead tuba goes and dots the I of Ohio it was pretty neat to see.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving. For many years (we think 10 but we canít remember) now my friends and I have been playing tackle football the day after Thanksgiving. I havenít played the last couple of years because I was having so many problems with my shoulder falling out of its socket. This year I decided to man up. I donít remember feeling so achy the next day but everything hurt. Iím glad we played. This may be the last year now that weíre getting up there in age. A few years ago we did decide, Tackle Till Thirty, and next year the majority of us, at least the originals will be at that threshold.

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