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Well, Happy Merry Christmas everyone.

Let me set the scene, 8:00 PM, gradual accumulation of snow for the last couple of hours, roads poorly plowed. Okay, where on the same page then. As I was driving to my Grandmothers I was pulling up to a stop sign gradually hitting the brakes. I applied a bit more pressure since I wasn’t really slowing down too much, my car fish tailed. I let go of the brake and realized it was either smash into the car in front of me or slip down into the ditch. I took the ditch. Then, A Christmas Miracle! Four other people got out of their cars and helped me push myself out of the ditch. Maybe it’s time for some new brakes for Christmas.

Best part – one of the guys that helped me push my car out was Nick New from grade school. Good guy that Nick.

My gifts have been wrapped for over 15 hours. A new record for me. Let us all celebrate that moment.

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A bout with sleep. Falling and awaking have been struggles this week. The usual evening begins with considerate ideas about going to bed early, and if not that at least the next evening my head will grace my pillows before the coming of a new day. The few times that I have managed this event all that is accomplished is my eyes become strained from staring at the ceiling. Hmmm…something troubling my soul?

Then the shocking moment of the alarm in the morning. I must be honest, my alarm has been waking me in a gradual style. Like someone slightly shaking your shoulder and mentioning that it’s Christmas morning and you are going to get that new Snake-eye G.I.Joe that you haven’t been able to find in the stores. You know, the one with the wolf. I digress. It begins, the mental battle. They send the music straight towards my gut, but I’m able to repel them with the simple fact that I like to listen to that song. Guilt strikes from the flanks, but again Usually it settles with me thinking of all those things that bother me (my lack of effort in searching for a new job, me being more of an asshole than usual, unable to eliminate troubling thoughts) that force me out of bed, rubbing my eyes, begging for only a few more minutes. But by then it’s too late. I’m up; the day has started. Ugh, my eyes will bother me yet again.

My plans have been cancelled. After Christmas I was going to blow my wad of Christmas cash in either Las Vegas or New Orleans. Sadly, ticket prices for planes were just expensive enough to allow me with enough cash to eat a loaf of French Bread, drink Boones, and stare at what would be passing me by. I almost was able to convince my friend to drive there because I would have driven almost the entire way. Well, I love to drive. Grimmie, my car, wouldn’t make it. He’s so damn tired, and dirty, and now has a broken rear light that was put there about a month ago but I’m not sure how. So needless to say, no trip currently. Look for spring…then adventuress!

I attended a Bulls game last evening, only my second for living in or close to Chicago for my entire life. The entire half time show was Extreme Table Tennis. Let me tell you, it’s a bit difficult to make table tennis extreme. Yes, it was impressive to see a guy hit the ping pong ball six or seven feet away from the table and still have it land over the net. But one of the guys was really cocky. He would grunt every time he hit the pong and crack some really poor jokes. He should have seen his shorts he was wearing. Those were funny. By the way, Bulls win!

Any ideas on a present to get a brother and his fiancé and another brother and his wife? Come on people, I’m dying here.

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A Universal Truth: A crowded bus still travels in the right direction.

I woke up one morning (end scene)

No really, I wake up every morning. Well, unless I happen to be deathly ill or happen to partake in one too many drinks, but this is clouding the purpose of this paragraph. When I woke up Sunday morning I noticed a cut on the bridge of my nose. I think we all are thinking the same thing here. Failed mob hit. As expected, look forward to retaliation.

There is no bowling this week, which may actually be a good thing considering the Powerful Creatures (our team name) may have started hibernating due to the cold weather we are having in the Chicagoland area (nevermind the 40 degree weather we had today and are expecting tomorrow). But expect a fine showing at the final bowling match up consisting of pizza, open bar for the first hour, and fine bowling. That is if you can bowl after two or three Irish Car Bombs. I will be joining next seasons league, feel free to join up with me. My average of 121 just ain’t cuttin’ it, especially after my one powerful week of breaking my all time record and avg. about 150 one week.

Feel free to look at the playoff picture in fantasy football. All updated (finally).

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Somebody is moving in the wrong direction. The man who searched “how do I talk to this hot girl sitting next to me” came to the wrong place. Trust me on this. You don't want me to give any hints about that topic what so ever.

I forget how much fun it is decorating a Christmas Tree. My parents, since I was born, have given me one ornament every Christmas. My grandma joined in this yearly event. There excuse was that they remembered their first Christmas and how the tree was quite bare. So let me just say our tree, not so bare. I have about 3 Woodstock, 1 Batman, 8 Santa, 4 clown ornaments and more. Surprisingly they all live in a harmonious society. I think I saw Batman doing the dishes, a few clowns sweeping, and Santa was definitely cleaning up the cobwebs. It’s nice to see the world a little more clam.

Okay, who’s the fuck? I’ve already made a few alterations to make my apartment seem just a bit warmer but instead it’s ice cold here. My feet are freezing. The apartment upstairs is nice and cozy due to the fact that our heat is escaping up there. Seriously, I touch the floor and you feel the cold emanating. If you think cold will slow me down in my pursuit of being a mob boss, well let’s see how you like swimming with the fishes then. I have a good bet that Lake Michigan is not much warmer than my apartment. Let’s see who can make a stern face then. I expect changes to be made by Saturday night.

The amount of tree sap on my hands is ridiculous. Let’s not even talk about the amount of tree sap on my socks.

I have not seen my roommate make it through one movie awake if it was put on after 8:00 PM. How cute.

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Company Holiday Party. What sweet sweet wonder you can produce in an hour and half time.

Last night, after the effects of the Holiday Party wore off, I decorated our real Christmas Tree. I ran out of lights about 3/4 of the way up, but I plan to rectify that come tonight. I’m starting to feel the Christmas mood.

Doo Doo Doo Doo DA!

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You are currently reading the Defensive MVP of Thanksgiving Football’s words. Thank you. The Offensive MVP is of course S-Dogg. I would also like to congratulate everyone on a day of no major injuries.

Actually the worst part of playing tackle football was felt at the wedding I attended the next day. The exact moment was when I was asked to kneel. Oh man, did I feel old then. But still a smile was sitting on my face the entire ceremony. It’s nice to see two people you can actually see happiness exist when those two are around each other. Cheers….

…the open bar helped keep that smile plastered on my face for the rest of the night.

One question, please do not look at the hot girl sitting next to me because even if you answer the way she wants you to she will still not sleep with you. Texas, yeh or neh?

Isn’t a special evening when “Old Bill” makes a glimmer of an appearance. The groom thought so since he was curled up in a ball laughing as the streaker went by.

I need a hot tub. Just thought you would like to know that.

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