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I use one person on what I basis what love should be.

I use another person what love could have been.

Whatever. Iím a fool.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Happy Bowling Party! Enjoy your night! Enjoy your open bar for an hour! Enjoy your life!

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Iím an over thinker. Itís what I do. Does it cause problems yes. Best solution Ė do not give me time to think. There deal, deal done.

My niece who is now only 1 month and 5 days old sits in between my wrist and upper bicep. So dang cute. I guess Elizabeth canít really see anything yet so she just sits there and stares at the ceiling. Talk about a dream job.

Best Christmas gift Ė a toothbrush because I left mine at my apartment and had no toothbrush at my parents. Plus it was an immediate surprise after I mentioned that I didnít bring one.

2nd Best Christmas gift Ė Mario Kart for the Nintendo Game Cube. This marks 2 out of 3 Christmas that my roommate has given me a Nintendo related gift. What a kind guy.

3rd Best Christmas gift Ė a tool set to replace the one that was stolen from me. Suck it robbers.

Whew, that was an interesting evening. I sometimes surprise myself. Thanks for listening.

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First things first. To the man sitting to the left of me, you should not be crying at the end of Lord of the Rings. Get a hold of yourself. To the man sitting to the right of me, you should not laugh at every grunt, mumble, statement made by the dwarf. Come on people!

Let me tell you a few things about unplanned day offs. They are the best. Even if I donít accomplish any thing they are the best. What makes this one the best day off is that I started and completed my Christmas shopping. I called at 3 in the morning so I could sleep in, and actually slept in for once. I just walked around the city, doing some window shopping. Quite fun.

The woman who sits behind me at work is crazy. Certifiable. I donít usually say things like this but itís hard to ignore. She once asked me to hold her hand while she needed to cancel an appointment for a hair cut. Why, because canceling appointments make her nervous. While the Air & Water Show was occurring she started yelling every time the Blue Devils flew above our building. She found it so comical that when her Grandma got out of the hospital she was going to have a martini that she had to tell everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. She is going to lose it, and it is going to be frightening. This is such the wrong line of work for her, but then again, this is the wrong line of work for me too.

Was that my subtle hint to myself and the world that I may be crazy?

Iím slowly getting out of the rut that Iíve put myself in the last couple of weeks.

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12-8-03 even later

Again, I'm not following through. Stoopud Stoopud Stoopud.

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12-8-03 later in the day

In my state of insomnia I paced my apartment for a while, attempted to read with utter failure, wrote on this said web page, but the best part is that I played Metroid for over an hour. Holy crap I forgot everything about that game. I was completely lost. My Old School Nintendo skills have dropped dramatically.

It looks like work is still being difficult and creating schedules to just stress people out. So if you have an upcoming day off please let me know because odds are Iíll be taking a day off this week. And onto the phones.

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Iím sitting here after tossing and turning for over an hour in my bed, growing more and more aggravated over where my mind is taking me. I have a problem of over thinking things, that and holding grudges. The worst part is that nothing has to set me off down that stoopud winding road where I just fume about something. My personality is very non-confrontational. Always have been. So I hold a lot in. Anyway, I was laying in bed venting to myself imagining what I could/would say, even though I know Iím not ever going to say those things especially in the tone Iím using in my head. Then out of no where I decide that Iím going to rectify this situation, right here, right now (sing along folksÖ.right here , right now (my dad loved that song. Blasted that on the radio every time it came on when he would be driving the large van when we would be running an errand)). The only problem is that I decide the rectification can occur at odd hours, such as the time Iím typing all of this. By the time that Iím in a situation where I can finally express myself Iíve cooled down.

A friend of mine likes to remind me that when I say something stoopud that ďIím lucky Iím cute.Ē

A dream Ė I leave a party and some guy yells at me across the street. I continue to walk. (fade out Ė fade in) Iím leaving another party at the same house and this time my friend is now talking to the guy that was yelling at me. My friend says, ďI canít kill him. Heís my friend. Screw this. You guys arenít paying me enough.Ē Guy starts yelling at my friend then he appears to be barking orders. I take this time to escape by running. I start running down the street and then notice that all the bushes ahead on the sidewalk are overgrownÖ.a perfect place for an ambush! So I quickly decide to veer onto the street. After running about half a block I realize that in the middle of the street is a large bush in the exact shape of a Cadillac. As soon as I notice it headlights are turned on the car tries to run me down, luckily I am able to dive out of the way. Ė end dream.

Iím gonna be so tired tomorrow.

Bowling might be interesting this Tuesday. Iím not sure if I should be bowling with my dislocated shoulder only happening a little over a week ago, but the team comes first. Our sub performed as well as he could, but we are still fighting to get back in the Top 5. Gotta step up, gotta bowl in pain! Here we go!

And my fantasy season is crushed by one man, and one man only Ė Mr. Jeff Garcia. Six Touchdowns Ė Jesus!.

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I canít believe this. Iím an amazingly patient person. Hell, I student taught a bunch of 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders and I never lost my patience, but this job makes me so fucking frustrated. Iím a pretty hard worker. I donít really mess around a whole lot. I understand the people I work for, yay social work, are people who watch children. I try to help them as fast as possible and I do really feel for them. For example if we do not send the checks on time (maybe because we received them late or that something was wrong with them) their payments are delayed. I understand we do not pay a whole lot for them to watch someone elseís children. I understand they need their money to pay bills just like I do. Itís annoying. I understand. But calling me, telling me that Iím not doing anything. That Iím not working or getting anything done. Well, that just pisses me off. I can handle it most days. No problem if you need to yell at someone, but think about it. You can yell, but if we give you an answer we have no other answer. Your work isnít processed because we are behind. Iím sorry. But you yelling at me again wonít solve anything. You telling me that I am not working is attacking me, and not going to solve anything. You telling me that I have ruined your Christmas (going on 8 Christmas Iíve already ruined so far) isnít helping. You telling me that I personally have ruined peopleís lives is not helping the cause. Iím so fucking tired of this crap, that one moment before I went off on someone calling today I hung up the phone. Thank you for that last ounce of patience. Stoopud fucking people. You are slowly making me desentizied to all of you, even the ones that need my help. Which isnít helping anyone either.

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Iím sitting here at work unable to do anything. Each turn, push, and twist has sent a twinge through my shoulder. Iíve been informed that since Iíve popped my shoulder once it will continue to happen from the slightest bump. For example a slight block in Thanksgiving Football. (I was going to tell people it was a John Elwayish dive at the end-zone to score a touchdown, but we all know the truth), or picking up a box, or fighting pirates. What crap is that. Iím not supposed to get hurt fighting a pirate. They also told me another way that I can pop my shoulder back in. Yes it will hurt, but Iím thinking , if it saves a couple hundred dollars, then sweet. All I need to do is bend over, and pull my arm clear across my body. This is because the tendon popped out and not the shoulder. So next time (please do not let there be a next time) Iíll attempt that before I rush to the emergency room. Even though both times Iíve been at the emergency room Iíve seen people with what appears to be stab wounds. How sweet is that. Yeah, not very.

My apple keeps staring at me mocking me. What a dick.

Because of the injury I am going to have to miss at least one week of bowling. I shake my head is disappointment. We were doing so well. Our team was ranked fourth (until last week where we got swept). It was such a good feeling because we did finish in last place the previous season. I will go for a little while to support them. That is the least I can do.

Iím having trouble reminding myself why I work here. Last night I was at home getting some water from the fridge and I remembered I have over 50 hours of time off. I could quit and I would get one weekís of pay. I was thinking if I could save up to about a month or two time off then I could quit and I would have one month to find a job and continue to get paid. Must look into this a bit closer. And if you know of any jobs where I wonít get yelled at for 8 hours straight please forward me the information.

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