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A week off from work is just what the doctor ordered. Didnít accomplish much, but still waking up each morning with the realization that I donít have to do anything was great.

Tonight I wonít be floundering around like the last couple of years searching for something great to occur. Nope. Instead Iím heading to a wedding. A very casual wedding. Which is great. A number of good friends, free alcohol, and no sticky situations Iím looking to get out off. Itís going to be great. I might even get to be the bartender for half an hour if needed. Even after the wedding who knows where Iíll end up.

During my friends bachelor party we ended up at a bar on Western. The strange thing was this bars shtick was to have all the bartenders in bikinis. The bar was sort of a dive, and all the patrons were older men who kept staring at the bartenders and kept trying to talk to them in the failed attempt to pick up a girl in a bikini in the month of December. Me, I was happy that 2 pitchers cost only $7.

2004 Ė nothing major happened, except for a few revelations. Iím thinking more for myself, which was needed. I have a relative plan for the future. Iíve met a few great friends (Donald, Joe, and Danny), and many new people, which if you knew me doesnít happen to often. Got out of my crappy job to another job where I donít do much of anything. I said good-bye to my old high school car Grimmie on the faithful day, Memorial Day. Some friendships have soured, but part of me felt that maybe those friendships needed to so that I could change. Some friendships have grown even closer, another aspect I thought I was done going through. Overall Iím giving this year a solid B. Not A material, but definitely different and exciting.

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Sometimes Iím amazed at what I think about when I might stay up later then I should or drink more than I should.

Sometimes Iím sadden by the fact that I donít find the little aspects of my life more interesting then I should. I guess starring at a computer screen can kill the exciting brain cells. Snap.

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Kelly, from Kellyís Football picks, gave me brownies today. Some days I feel special.

You know youíre at a good party when you head off to the bathroom for a 2nd time you realize that youíre zipper has been down since your first visit to the bathroom.

Walking when the snow was falling was nice. Walking once the snow has finished falling and the biting cold finally seeped in wasnít.

I definitely did not get enough sleep this weekend. Yawn.

Iím utterly bored today at work. Iíve been here one hour and Iím almost through my regular websites. Trouble. And there doesnít look to be any upcoming work. Guess a walk to Borders will be in the future plans.

Any ideas on what to get parents for those special special holidays? I personally have no clue.

Now my quick question to all of you is why am I going to go smoke when itís so dang cold out?

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Nothing crazy going on here, but I did have a fun evening never the less. I went shopping for my nieces last night, which Iím pretty sure my brother will dislike me a little bit for what I got my 4 year old niece. I spent some time with a friend I havenít seen in a while, but it was a little uncomfortable. For some reason that pesky wall I keep talking about popped up and I never really felt like myself most of the time. Coffee with another friend who recently got back from a trip and we caught up. Just talked. I then met up with a bunch of the boys who were having a boys night out. I passed since Iíve been trying to save some money for Christmas. They just finished seeing the Bulls game, and boy were they trashed. Went home, played some video games, chatted with my roommates, drank some wine. Overall a good night.

Now Iím here at work with absolutely nothing to do. Ho Hum. We do have a holiday lunch thing, so free food. Never can turn down can I. Someday when I discover my superhero powers the final adventure will end with my arch nemesis (who I still believe will be Carpenter. Irony him being my friend and all) tempting me with free food. I eat, and die. It wonít be momentous. At least till someone discovers my costume in my apartment and takes over the role and defeats Carpenter in an act of vengeance and justice!

Man I need my new comicsÖÖ.

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Iím currently reading a book called Rats by Robert Sullivan. Itís about how he went and observed some rats in an alley for one year. Itís given me the shivers twice now, and Iím only about a third of the way done. Ick. There was one funny anecdote when he was interviewing a few people. A guy found a rat in his bathroom, and when he was trying to drown the rat he came to the scary realization that rats can swim. Didnít know that. Didnít want to know that.

My mouth tastes icky today. Yes, I brushed.

My interview went well. Iím not filled with the troubled decision if I want to leave a job where I do nothing (very similar to the job I had at the Tribune where I would nap, come in late, read books, and watch movies, or take a job where I would be a busier therefore making the day go by faster. Dilemmas. My life is so tough.

Yesterday was filled with me eating some ice cream, reading, and playing video games. Loved it.

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Iíve decided I could and would work from 10AM-6PM. Sleeping in that little extra time makes everything so much brighter. I think that mostly is because Iím a little more awake.

My friend had a party this past weekend right after work. Sort of a Happy Hour/Holiday Party. Mainly what Iím saying is I didnít eat any dinner. Opps. Alas, since it was the holidays and the holidays are all about giving presents and getting presents, we all bought one of our top movies and exchanged them. I gave the Big Lebowski (did I tell you itís about bowling?). I got Raising Arizona. Hot.

Sad news to report. Because you care about all aspects of my life as I care about you, Iíve been eliminated from our fantasy football league playoffs. Sad, but Iíll get by. Donít you worry. Last year Jeff Garcia was my bane. This year, stooped TJ Duckett. 4 touchdowns my ass.

Christmas is right around the corner.

I had an interview today. Not really a promotion, but more of a lateral move. Donít worry, I threw it behind me. Mainly Iíll be closer to home, and Iíll be a little busier. I mean, I donít have fantasy news to read anymore. How the hell am I going to kill all the down time I have. Of course the dreaded question was askedÖ.3 strengths, 3 weaknesses. And as before I should have replied, Iíll show you 3 strengths!

But at least I got to come into work late. Thatís a bonus.

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Let me set the scene. Iím applying for a new position in my office and Human Resources realized that I didnít have my official school transcripts in their files. So Iíve been e-mailing them to find out what I need to bring in to continue the interview process. During this time my friend Mike Carpenter is e-mailing me. One I send to him is just this simple message, ďAre you trying to piss me off?Ē And if you know Carpenter this is a frequent question you want to ask him. After about 10 minutes I get another e-mail from Human Resources with just this line, ďExcuse me?Ē It would appear I sent the piss me off e-mail to the wrong person. Luckily I work in the same office, so I went over and explained it to her. She laughed. I laughed, while I turned red. Itís all taken care of. But I think we all know the lesson learned here, Mike Carpenter is a dick.

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Let me rant a little bit. You know mini-vans are now all equipped with TVs, DVD players, seat massagers, their own hookers, and other crap like that. Iíve decided that the having a TV is nice for the children, but actually quite dangerous. No, not to you mini-van driver. Iím sure you can zone out the noise of the TV since you usually are doing that to your children, but to me. Itís twice now that while Iím driving, once on the highway and another around the city, where I found myself sort of distracted by whatís going on the TV. Dangerous. Now, yes, I was tired both times, and yes Iím easily distracted from any thing Iím doing, but children really need the TV on when your making a quick run to Jewel? No, I didnít think so either.

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Hello Christmas! Much more in the mood to celebrate than I was last year. But then again last year I was in a job that has pretty much removed most of my soul by this time of the year.

Itís been a pretty quiet time of year in my ever attempt to save money. Having car payments blows mainly since I havenít been able to control my spending with this added expense. I would so be rolling in the cash with out it, but then again I wouldnít have done my Midwest tour of 2004.

Thanksgiving occurred, which means Thanksgiving Football (8th annual I think?). Sadly I did not participate do to my injury of last year, and my lack of doing anything physical for the entire year. Hell, Iím not even bowling anymore! But my friends played and no major injury. Hurrah! I just went to see a movie with all my friends significant others. Hot! Me and 3 women. Canít beat that.

My good deed of the month was helping an older woman fill up her tires on her car, but I think that happened in Nov. So be on the look out, good deed coming up.

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