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The first christmas since I moved up to the city that I have a christmas tree. Itís pleasant and soothing.

Welcome to the 21st century! We have door knobs that stay on our doors. For the last couple of months weíve been battling the door knob falling off in our hands. At one point I woke up in the morning and attempted to open my door. Low and behold the knob is in my hand (stop the dirty jokes right now!). I stare at the knob and at the door and I realize that Iím trapped. I tried a couple of things to use the pole connecting each knob, but then that fell out. I looked around my room for about 5 minutes pretty much coming to the conclusion that Iím going to have to call my boss and tell her I canít come in today due to the fact that Iím locked in my room. Luckily I live on the 1st floor and I climbed out of my room and went around to the front. Thank the lucky that I had my keys in my room.

We had our annual holiday dinner poker night with my monthly poker group. We make a big turkey, every one brings a side dish. We eat. We laugh. We chat. We then play poker. This year we were dragging a little bit and it might appear we ate a bit too much. We had the post-food coma thing going on.

Well, off to a speakerphone meeting. Iím seriously going to kill someone after this.

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