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Goodbye Chip

Even as sick as he was, as worn down as he was by his failing kidneys and the treatment for the failing kidneys, his immune system gone haywire and his bone marrow quit, as skinny and wobbly and deoxygenated as he was, he still wanted to look out the window -- past the vet's Halloween-themed decorations -- at the birds.

And once I'd held him up to the window, he wanted to squirm around on my lap. He squirmed so hard he was in danger of falling off. Just like he did when he was well.

Same old Chip. Good old Chip. Gentle and trusting, letting me soothe and pet him as he got his shot of sedative. The second-to-last shot he would ever have to take.

I never let him out. I always kept him in. He loved to watch the outside, even though he barely knew what it was.

Well, Chip, you've busted out of all the prisons that ever locked you in. My house, your cage, your body.

Now go get those birds.


Bravo, Chip. You were a classy cat. You will always live in our memories, and will always make us smile.

Chip was a lucky cat - he had such a good home and long life. I remember when he was rescued from some farm machinery or some such dangerous implement all those years ago as a little bitty kitten. What a wonderful lease on life you were able to give him. He was a happy boy.

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