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Adrienne Shelly.

Your saucy cuteness made the world a more bearable place. But cuteness isn't good at staying the hand of death. It only makes the noogies harder.


I think I only saw "Trust" and "Unbelievable Truth" once each, they're not my favorite Hartley films, but I remember her well from them. It is very sad that she is no longer alive.

What Hartley movies do you like better?

I guess "saucy" is the wrong way to describe any performance in a Hartley film. The focus is never on a single player anyway -- it's all about interplay. For me, there is something gratifying about watching tiny Adrienne Shelly toss quips back at hulking Martin Donovan. Everyone in these movies is constantly missing their connections, and that somehow puts them all on an equal footing.

I did see her in one non-Hartley movie ("Grind" with Billy Crudup), and it wasn't bad. (Even though the grind referred to in "Grind" was the bad kind). I wouldn't mind seeing more at all. You know -- there's always more, until there is no more.

Well I Love with a capital L, Simple Men, Amateur, Henry Fool and Book of Life, but I probably just haven't given the first two much of a chance.

Ah...Amateur. The movie that taught me that Isabelle Huppert + a power drill = 15 regular Isabelle Hupperts.


Now you've got me really wanting to watch "Henry Fool" again, too. I can't believe there are so many reasons life is worth living.

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