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Thank You

To Ma, Pa, Hoss, all the new in-laws and everyone else who made Christmas good.

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't observe it in my traditional way -- by being completely out-of-it. Special thanks to everyone at my sister's party who let me listen in on their conversations without contributing much. As your reward, here is proof that I do have an occasional thought:

If soap is supposed to get dirt off, why isn't it sticky instead of slippery?

And if soap's slipperiness gets you clean, could you get the same effect by covering yourself with banana skins? Or Bill Clinton?


Awwww...shucks. Thanks for the thanks, and thanks for all that you did - the great gifts, the culinary delights, the good company. You made Xmas good for us, too!
OK, so why doesn't duct tape get you clean?

Good question. Maybe dirt is stickier than duct tape, so if you tried to bathe with it you'd just end up with tape on top of the dirt.

Could dirt beat duct tape as a professional-strength adhesive? Dirt Tape, available whereever dirt is sold?

If I disappear after posting this, you'll know who ordered the hit.

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