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Don't Thank Me -- Thank Hollywood!

I know too many movie quotes. Way, way too many. Instead of letting this predicament get the better of me, I've decided to take control.

It's an occasional hobby of mine to play around with sound files. It's another occasional hobby of mine to try and make you laugh. At long last, I've decided to combine the two and see what happens!

Here are two sound clips: one I did last summer, and one I did last weekend. The clips contain a bunch of movie quotes, arranged in what I hope is an appealing order. The files aren't too big -- about 1 megabyte each.

Wedding Peels
The End of the World


Thank you, Hollywood! Encore!!

Well -- thank YOU, little people!

Give me a theme you'd like to hear something on, or maybe just a word I can start with. Then I'll see what I can do!




BTW, the sound clips are great. Can't wait to play them on surround sound!

Thanks for the ideas! Just as a warning -- I may take a while to figure the next materpiece out. If I do, it ain't because I've forgotten you.

......no hurry on "moist" :)

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