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You Have No Idea How Much Is At Stake

One of the nicknames Hitler's generals gave to their Fuehrer -- out of his earshot, of course -- was GROFAZ. This was an acronym that stood for "Greatest Warlord of All Time".

In that spirit, one of the greatest cinematic experiences of all time is coming on February 10 to Chicago's Harris Theater in Millennium Park. You will definitely want to be within earshot.

If you haven't seen The Passion of Joan of Arc, then trust me -- you have seen nothing like it.

It is the story of the trial and execution of Joan by a bunch of evil funhouse clowns disguised as holy men. It is a nightmare, and the only way Joan can awaken from it is to get burned at the stake.

As if Carl Dreyer's unsettling direction wasn't enough, the movie also has one of the best performances ever given. Renée Falconetti gave everything she had to the role of Joan, and never acted in film again.

On top of that, the Harris Theater will be packed with two hundred musicians performing Richard Einhorn's score for this movie, "Voices of Light". This is the same music as on Criterion's DVD release of The Passion of Joan of Arc. Just coming out of my stereo speakers, the score is overwhelming. Live, it should be able to sweep any remaining Englishmen out of France.

There will be only one performance of this spectacle. If anyone is interested, then please respond to this post. If you don't, then consider yourselves excommunicated.


Did you say Alicia Silverstone?


Cool - I like Joan of Arcadia.

I don't eat stake.

Try it well-done -- then you'll change your mind.

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