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Questions, Questions

If the saying "You made your bed, now you have to lie in it" is to apply in every situation -- as most sayings should, otherwise they wouldn't be sayings -- then what happens when I pay for a cleaning service to make my bed? Is the cleaning service obligated to lie in it? And will they lie in it during regular work hours, or in their off time? Knowing the answer is crucial to my plans for any given evening.

Now for a more esoteric question: in order to keep the cleaning service readily identifiable as a cleaning service, do they have to bring their cleaning products with them when they lie in my bed? Or do they just need their W-2s?

And does this apply to the general workforce, or just to management since they are the main corporate representatives? In other words, does management get to lie on my bed, while the cleaners have to sleep on the couch? If so, you can probably expect the workforce to have high turnover.

Ah, I can't fool you. This is just my latest strategem for getting a cleaning service to sleep with me.


Dirty Job

It could be worse. It could be raining.

It's yours, you didn't make it, you can't lie in it. They made it, it's not theirs, they can't lie in it.

No lie.

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