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August 07, 2007

Wet Hot American Literature

What is the deal with summer reading?

Does literacy hibernate in the winter? Is summer the time when literacy fattens up on pulp for those long, lean winters, when the only food to be had is the backs of cereal boxes and Ayn Rand?

Or is winter just the time when literacy gets really cold and is forced to survive by burning the contents of school libraries? (Which, admittedly, keeps the children warm).

Or maybe literacy is solar-powered. If so, no wonder it's underfunded.

Bad jokes aside, I'm off to Glacier National Park at 6:30 tomorrow morning. We will definitely see who is solar-powered and who's not.

On my way out: here's an indirect put-down, if one is required and you're fresh out.

"Considering that 'self' is the first word in 'self-important', it's funny how the natural place to be self-important is around other people."


August 01, 2007

Okay, So Ingmar Bergman Died Too

Here is my favorite Bergman film.