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September 23, 2007

Better Late Than Never

So I went on vacation a while ago, and I neglected to sum it up in this weblog. That wasn't entirely due to having a case of the post-vacation catchup scrambles, not entirely unintentional.

The problem with summaries is that they have a way, after enough time has passed, of becoming the thing itself. And no summary could do justice to this trip, since it was unlike much of anything I'd ever experienced before. Except, maybe, for gym class.

Anyway, here's your summary. It was fantastic, it was painful, it was humiliating. And it involved lots and lots of hackey-sack.

More later. I'm about to head off to a movie at one of our local multiplexes. The town I live in has two multiplexes, and by unspoken consent I and everyone I know shuns the northern one. It is much more lame and corporate than the southern multiplex. This is how we convince ourselves that we're ethical.

Speaking of movies, Zabriskie Point is playing at Chicago's Music Box Theater next weekend. First, see my writeup a couple of posts back. Then, if you love me or in any way respect what I think, you will go. And you will stay until the end.