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What the heck is Poststructuralism

And why would people spend a perfectly nice Saturday afternoon talking about it?

As you can tell, I haven't had too many words lately. I've been more into pictures than words, because pictures are easier to point at. If you want to see, here are some of the things I've pointed at lately.

Now that it's getting cold, though, I may have to get back to dealing with words. The pictures outside are too chilly. And words keep my mouth warm.

I have some things to say about photography, but not right now. In the meantime, it did occur to me that we might have to start canonizing lawyers.

Say you've got your typical ambulance-chasing lawyer. One day he gets run down in the road and badly injured. Irony, right?

But then, as soon as the ambulance takes him away, that lawyer is chasing the same ambulance that he's in! That's bilocation, which in the eyes of the Church is a miracle. It would take only one more miracle for the lawyer to be officially recognized as a saint.

So please. Drive carefully.