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March 31, 2008

New Awards Category:

Film That Best Fulfills the Expectations Set By Its Title

This weekend's nominees:

Winner: Vampire Cop Ricky

Runner-Up: Attack the Gas Station!

Both films are Korean. Is it possible they know something Hollywood doesn't?

March 22, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Still Free

From my latest vet bill:

With Sympathy10.00

March 09, 2008

Political Awareness

Apparently there were primaries, and apparently somebody won. But I'm not here to gloat. I'm above all that partisan nonsense of "preferring" one candidate to "another".

No, no gloating here. No, I'm here to make a joke.

The day of the primaries, there were signs plastered all over my workplace reading "Vote Today!" So far so good. But after that, whoever was in charge of GOTV really fell down on the job. The next morning, not one of the signs had been updated to say "Vote Yesterday!"

I am so cool.