Tough Day

Bob knew this was going to look bad on his performance report. He was frustrated. The home office didn't understand the challenges of his district; it was easy for them to sit there in corporate headquarters and point fingers from miles away, but it was another thing entirely to be there in the trenches, doing the actual work. Unfortunately, Bob had placed himself squarely in the crossfire by getting the cows wet. These things happened. This was the new economy. Bob sighed. Jurgenson probably wouldn't take delivery on the cows, and Bob would be forced to eat the cost. Fine, the cows had suffered some water damage. Okay, they were no longer mint condition cows, or even VG/VF+ cows. But they were still cows. Oh, cruel and fickle consumers.

One of the cows gave a loud, angry grunt. Bob glared at the cow. "Don't you start with me, too."

(photo: AP)

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