Thanksgiving Sonata

God damn it. I'll fucking kill you. You're dead. You're so fucking dead. You fucked with the wrong guy, pal. Yeah. You made a mistake and now you're going to pay. Now who's laughing. Not so funny now, is it. This is for Master Sang. Yeah. This is vengeance, motherfucker. Master Sang is avenged. Let me hear you beg for mercy. Come on. Let me hear it. Then I'll show you mercy. The kind of mercy that you showed those innocent villagers. The mercy of cold, hard steel. Bastard. This is for Wei Min. This is for Lo Bai. Their souls cry out for vengeance. This is for the orphaned children you left behind. Karma. Ever hear of it. What goes around comes around. Oh yeah. Ain't payback a bitch. Got you where I want you. Yeah. Got you where I want you. Not getting out of this one. Kwai-hah. Feel that. My sword. The blade cuts deep for it is righteous. Go ahead. Fight back. I will destroy you. I have no equal in the art of war. I have trained for decades. You are just a bird. You can not defeat me. Perhaps you were powerful once. Now you are slow. Foolish. Easily defeated. No match for me. Make peace with your gods. Do what you must. But know that you will not survive this battle. The hour of your death is near. You will pay for what you have done. You will pay. No more games. And now, the final cut. The fatal strike. Yes. Vengeance is mine.

(photo: AP)

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