Look, I didn't realize it meant so much to you. Calm down. Let me explain my side, okay? Give me a chance here. The way that you painted your face green has really made me stop and think about the big picture. This is about the atomic bomb, isn't it? I could tell from the atomic symbol you painted on your face. That was a good way to show me that this is about the atomic bomb, because even if I couldn't hear what you were saying, I could look at your cheeks and see what you were concerned about. Believe me, the fact that you went so far as to paint your face green about this speaks volumes. So can we talk about it? Please?

Okay. Keep standing, if you're more comfortable like that. Did you check to see if that face paint will give you rashes? That's something to think about. Anyway. Wow, you've got your tongue pretty far back there, don't you? Didn't want to cover your neck, too, huh? Well, I guess you got the point across with just the face. Sure hope it doesn't rain, huh? Heh! Oh, come on, it was a joke. Hmm. You're a pretty serious guy. Well, as one serious guy to another, let me be frank. We here in the military-industrial complex -- yes, of course it exists, we just had the company picnic last week, Aerosmith played, and there were rides for the kids, it was great -- what was I saying? -- oh, right. We wouldn't have done the atomic thing if we knew it was going to bother you so much. But I can see that it has, I mean, you painted your face about it, and wrote 'NO'! That's a pretty strong statement. The rhyming couplets were fine, good fun for everyone, but green face paint, well, there's no mistaking what that means. So we're going to knock it off with all of the atomic things that we've been doing, and I just want to say, thanks for being the first guy to really be serious about dialogue on these important issues. After all you couldn't have the 'industrial' in 'military-industrial complex'...without 'us'.

Doesn't that expression start to hurt after a while?

(photo: AP)

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