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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Feasting on the blood of my enemies

Yes, I have a somewhat melodramatic way of putting little things like a small, independent theater run, but that's what I'm doing, feasting on the blood, yes sir.

The first weekend of the three week L3K run has concluded, and the second is about to begin. True artistic success is not quantifiable, but I am by no means a true artist, I am rather a mercenary hack, and quite proud to be so. Therefore, I turn to the only quantifiable measure available, audience level. We opened on a Thursday, so it was pretty small, only around thirteen people. Then Friday brought twentysome, then Saturday, gloriously, about fortysome. This conclusively demonstrates that the audience level will increase exponentially each night, until we have a crowd of tens of thousands crammed into the 80 seat space by the time we close on Saturday March 6. Bloody brilliant!

Seriously though, the important thing is that the people who saw it liked it, they laughed sometimes, and some are said to have cried at others. Your emotions are playthings for my words! I am the ruler of your hearts! All shall bow to me!

I'm sorry, I do have a streak of megalomania. Mm....blood of my enemies...Please don't hold it against me and my beautiful, beautiful show.

I'm also happy that three weeks before the election, my candidate, Barack Obama has finally started to get some commercials on TV. Getting votes is of course, all about name recognition, which is all about TV, which is all about money. And Barack's leading opponent for the Democratic nomination, multimillionaire Blair Hull, has lots and lots and lots of that, which he's used to plaster himself over the airwaves for months. This has done a lot to cover up some of the more questionable elements of Mr. Hull's past. Such as being a neo-Nazi. And a serial killer. Boy I don't want any neo-Nazi serial killers in the U.S. Senate, do you? I think we should all vote for Obama. But anyway, though Barack has a lot less money than Hull, he has been like a wise and frugal squirell, storing up all the nuts and berries he has acquired over a long season and splurging when he really needs them, the final weeks of the campaign, when anyone who hasn't really paid attention will start to do so. So things are looking good.

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