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Friday, April 16, 2004


Saw a really great young local rock band last night, Clearly and the Mainstream. One of the guitarists is a guy I know slightly from the Obama campaign, I finally got around to seeing one of their shows and was glad I did. Poppy hooks and quirky lyrics from young, straight white men who clearly trying to get laid, but are very witty and sensitive. My people. The lead guitarist asked the crowd to name his keyboard (I think it was a keyboard, seemed more like a guitar, I know nothing) which was making its debut. He went with my suggestion, which was "Herman". For some reason, their stage personae reminded me of no one so much as the Monkees, which is a grand comparison.

I wish I was a rock star. But I have no musical talent. The closest I can come is improv comedy. The final two shows of Grampa's Wrists and Rory's Angels are the next two sundays at 8, at ye olde Improvolympic. The house will be brought down. This I vow.

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