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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Heavy Sigh

So the latest polls have George Bush with a slight advantage over Kerry. After the horrible, horrible month in Iraq and the 9/11 commision and everything. I don't know why I'm surprised. He has a hardcore 45% of the country that will back him under any circumstances. Even if he molested dogs. I mean, he could address the nation and be like "I'm the President of the United States, and I molest dogs. I molest dogs all the time. Why do I do this? Because 9/11 changed everything." And his people would all support him and talk about what a tough and resolute man of principle he is. Then they'd talk about how Kerry wants to raise taxes.

In a related story, related to the activities in the Formerly Fertile Crescent, this week's sequence of Doonsbury strips is really serious. One of the main characters is being killed off in Iraq apparently. Even beloved fictional icons are dying now.

Speaking of fiction, love and dying, I watched the movie Iron Giant last night. It's really, really good. It made me and my other twentysomething male friend who I watched it with cry. But we're both saps like that. Man, that movie was good. So you should see it.

Apparently I've been leaving really great ten minute voicemail messages while under the influence of the demon liquor lately. I don't remember their content much at all. That's the biggest problem I've encountered with my very limited experiences of substance abuse. You're very clever but you don't remember what your cleverness entailed.

The cleverness of my improv group Grampa's Wrists/Rory's Angels is almost as ephemeral, and this Sunday night is your last chance to see us. Kurt was going to, then he didn't. Kurt is so mean to me sometimes.

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