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Thursday, May 20, 2004


While linking to this site from her own blog Twinters describes me rather dismissively as "a liberal in Chicago". Surely there is more to my identity than that. Oh, well as I explain below, I will happily become a conservative if enough reader tell me to become so.

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Replies: 2 comments

Well okay, since you said nice things about my great influence on you, I'll let this go. I'd settle for "liberal playwright" or something. Anyway, no one else has voted, so if you'd like I can become a Republican for the purposes of this site. Well maybe not quite. I can be a Republican to the extent that I hope your dad gets re-elected and everything.

Oh dear--now I have to defend myself to the other three readers of your blog, Rory! I was trying to describe my friends' blogs in succinct, catchy descriptions of their personalities and locations. Since you talk about Barack Obama so much (whom my dad refers to as "extremely liberal") I thought "liberal" was an apt description for your blog--if not your life, personality, or crucial effect on my college career and indeed, life in general. But sadly, that would not fit onto one line.

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