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Friday, May 28, 2004


In contrast to my recent tone of hatred, I feel joy that Fritz Wilson has posted a comment to my blog, with a nickname none too obscure to anyone familiar with Victor Hugo's work. Attention and approval from Fritz is something that I've always craved. I even dress to impress him, even though he lives like a thousand miles away.

None of this is in a gay way you understand! We're just really good friends who went to an all boys high school together!

I'm also happy that Marc has updated for the first time in a while, with SAMURAI MONKEYS!!! Jesus!!! Why America ever deployed nuclear weapons against a fantastic country like Japan I'll never understand. What would be even better is if they came to life and went on a rampage!

However, if hatred is still your thing, my friend Laurie and her roommate Holly are doing good things with their patch of web ground.

The Obama front is absolutely crackling right now, he's on the cover of the New Republic and the New Yorker, with gushing stories on him inside both. Barack has also managed to garner loads of sympathetic coverage because of a wormy little man the Jack Ryan campaign hired to stalk him with a camcorder. The rationale is that this is fair game because they're trying to catch him in an "inconsistency". Good luck, losers, he's not bloody Kerry or anything. I really try not to be a rabid hater of the political enemy like a lot of people are, Ryan always seemed like a nice enough fella, an obstacle to be crushed of course but he had points for having the same name as a character Harrison Ford played twice but I've lately realized, he's just another tool. He's so desperate that he's hired some of the same GOP operatives who ran the campaign against Max Cleland, saying that the war hero who has one arm left from Vietnam is weak and unpatriotic because he thought Homeland Security employees should have health insurance! He has one arm! Ryan issues all kinds of hard right memos now, about how Barack is an out of touch tax and spend liberal who "wanted to leave Saddam in power". Unless Ryan is advocating an immediate invasion of Beijing, then he's in favor of keeping China Communist, a regime that's killed LOTS more people than anyone in Iraq would ever be capable of. That sums it all up: Jack Ryan, Communist.

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Replies: 2 comments

You mean it's a secret identity? I'm sorry, I had no idea. But don't worry, you're one of three people reading this. And the gambling guy.

Well, now that the whole world knows that I call myself Courfeyrac in anonymous internet settings I guess there is no reason to be coy. I'm glad that I was able to spread joy and merriment with my random comments.

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