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Thursday, July 8, 2004

good works

I was sitting down to dine last night, whimisically having picked up the Chicago Sun-Times, and found
this story about my friend Reina (the irritatingly talented young playwright who is better than me) and the theater camp for ten to sixteen year old girls that she's starting with Ellie, who was also in L3K. Reina comes off quite well, as is to be expected, although as a former thirteen year old boy I didn't appreciate her dig at them. When I was a thirteen year old boy I was delightful to be around.

Okay, I won't vouch for most of them.

The columnist herself annoyed me a bit with the "Gosh, there really are young people who actually like Shakespeare! Isn't that laudable and surprising?" tone, but I guess that's standard procedure. Mighty exciting to see friends getting major ink like that, although I was outraged that I wasn't mentioned anywhere. The article describes Reina and Ellie as "pals" but of course they only met because I cast them both in Lysistrata 3000. It's like writing about the Beatles without mentioning Pete Best. It's simply not done by anyone.

"The individual doesn't matter! The important thing is the team! And I was the one who came up with the whole team idea! Me!"-Homer Simpson

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