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Thursday, October 7, 2004


Kurt is apparently okay.

I'm going to Champaign this weekend for the final battle with the Latin Beast. It was supposed to be done weeks ago but my teacher seems to think I over relied on a published English translation of the work and made me re-do some of it. I had a different view of things, but there wasn't much I can do. At any rate, hopefully this weekend will live up to last weekend, which was very good. I got to see several old friends I hadn't seen in a long time, and I learned that there's a kind of beer called "Kwak" that can make you ramble on about bi-curiosity far more than you're actually interested in the subject.

It is fall in Chicago and it's wonderful. As my friend Sam once brilliantly said "I love the changing of the seasons. I just don't like the seasons themselves." That first hint of crisp, cold air makes me unbearably nostalgic, which I always am anyway but it makes me feel young and alive and it's great.

The big news: My long dormant theatrical career is about to be revived with a role in Hamlet. I'm the Gravedigger. Bloody brilliant! Goodman Tom Schorsch will be Hamlet's ghost and my friend Bobby Zaman will be Hamlet and some other people I know will also be in the show and it's basically an all star team. And it's directed by Frank Merle, the hottest young director in Chicago, if, well, my friends are the sample pool. Best play in the world + hilarious part + hot director + cast full of my friends...Well I'm pretty pleased with this turn of events. Now if only I can start writin' some more of my own we'll be in good shape.

This story about Obama made me smile out loud. It's completely consistent with the man I've come to know.

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