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Friday, October 22, 2004

continuing saga

I've actually managed to do some stuff with the Obama campaign lately, notably going to another posh fundraiser and getting some face time with Barack, the first time I've seen him, or rather he's seen me since before the primary many months ago...and he totally recognized me. He doesn't know my name or anything but he totally knows my face. Ah, basking in the warm glow of greatness...I was also warmly greeted by more staff members who remembered me (and my name) then I expected, so that was really nice.

Then I dropped by the campaign HQ to watch the debate with Keyes and eat obscene amounts of free pizza last night. It was fun, way more fun than their first debate which was only on the radio. Keyes brought the crazy, and it made me happy. Next weekend I'm heading to Wisconsin to work for Kerry. I'm honestly going to miss this election, but I can say that part of me will be pleased either way. As a citizen I'll be very dismayed by a Bush victory but as a satirist I'll be very happy.

New script is coming along swimmingly, as I finally finished the monologue I've been writing for three months. So much adventure ahead...

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There was a play, about two years ago in New York that took place in the years leading up to WWII. The actions that Hitler takes after the bombing of the German capital building seemed strangely familiar in 2002. Said one character, "Here's this little man that no one liked, and he goes and stands in the still smoking ruins and says that he knows who did this. And he says that he will (bring them to justice)." Can't remember how the end of quote went. I only heard it twice and it was two years ago.

Somethings just stick. Anyway, the whole life and art matter reminded me of that.

Your comment, "As a citizen I'll be very dismayed by a Bush victory but as a satirist I'll be very happy." reminded me of Jon Stewart's now-infamous interview:

BEGALA: Which candidate do you suppose would provide you better material?
STEWART: I'm sorry?
BEGALA: Which candidate do you suppose would provide you better material if he won?
STEWART: Mr. T. I think he'd be the funniest. I don't...
BEGALA: Don't you have a stake in it that way, as not just a citizen, but as a professional comic?
STEWART: Right, which I hold to be much more important than as a citizen.

All I have to say is, if Kerry wins there will be a lot of leftover stuff. Like this:

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