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Friday, November 12, 2004

the hum

I've been promoted at my job. I am no longer a member of the lowly but fraternal Support Team, and am now a Program Specialist. I like that title because it sort of vaguely and falsely implies that the job is much more computer related than it is. I am insisting that all my former colleagues in Support call me "Mr. Leahy" rather than the familiar first name by which everyone else, including the president of the agency is customarily addressed, and I am striding about like the cock of the walk. If you're an employee of J.P. Morgan Chase and you want some tuition assistance, you've got to go through me. Or one of the other Program Specialists.

My friend Marc and I saw Neil Gaiman do a reading of his new book the other night, which was bloody brilliant, I got Neil to sign my copy of Canterbury Tales. A lot of people asked me why I would want Neil to sign a classic work of literature that he had nothing to do with. It really can't be explained. The Great One seemed amused, I asked him if he considered it an ethical violation and he said he thought he could get away with it because Geoffrey Chaucer was unlikely to complain. He signed it "To Rory, a book I never did write..."

The theatrical world is all abuzz about my latest projects, Activision, the play I'm writing which will ideally be the sophomore American Demigods production in 2005, and the other play I'm collaborating on with my friend Eric, then there's the Keyhole production of Hamlet in which I play the Gravedigger, that will have its first readthrough on Sunday.

Note: For the purposes of the previous paragraph, the "theatrical world" is defined as me and anyone I talk to.

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