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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Turkey Killing Day

So the big Gratitude Festival is tomorrow. I feel like something of an ingrate, 'cause I'm looking at my life and going "Well, this is all right then." I'm better off than uh, you know all those people who suffer in all those countries. I have a new winter coat...Um...I'm a member of one of the Lesser Generations.

I'm pretty much estranged from most of my biological relations, most notably my father's mother, the Matriarch, so I'm not going to do the traditional stuff tomorrow. Which is okay, because I never much liked the relations, hence the estrangement, although I do like the food. It's a good combination of foods, Thanksgiving is. I've been looking forward to doing absolutely nothing on Thursday. Except watch movies. That's what I'm gonna do. Probably Wes Anderson movies, that's always sensible.

During my college years, Thanksgiving weekend was an awesome time because it was one of the times I got to see my army of friends back in Chicagoland. But now fewer and fewer make it home, and some of those friendships aren't what they were. Seems like nobody likes me for very long...

Ah, shouldn't get near the Internet during a spout of self-pity should I? Guess it's the fault of whoever invented holidays. No, holidays are all right. Who invented families?

Barack was on the Charlie Rose show last night. Not much to say about that, he was his usual smooth self. People are talking about him being the "olive branch" between the Senate Democrats and the White House because they think he speaks their language. 'Cause he talks about God sometimes. It's a misjudgement on the White House's part since Barack's God is nothing like theirs.

I'm going to see a lot of my friends this weekend, maybe not an army but a decent battalion, and it never was about the numbers anyway, so I'm looking forward to some joyfulness...

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