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Thursday, December 2, 2004


So we’re in a culture war it would seem. Jesus are we ever. The antigay sentiment in the nation, never timid in the first place, seems to be building towards a hilarious frenzy right now. I say “hilarious” because I find humanity’s twisted and destructive behaviors to all be very funny. Be afraid when I am amused. Some things I heard about today (I’d heard about the first one a few weeks ago but I learned more today):

1. A schoolteacher sent a first grader home because he mentioned to a classmate that his mother was gay. “Gay” is when a girl likes another girl, the boy said. His teacher sent him home with a note admitting that he was a very bad boy he was for doing that. The teacher told the media how she believes it’s the parents’ right to explain such sordid matters to their children. That principle makes sense. After all, if the International Liberal Satanist Conspiracy won’t let public schools talk about how good little Christian soldiers must join the war to eradicate the heinous practices of Faggotry and Dykism, the responsibility must obviously be outsourced to the parents, save when the parents themselves have been corrupted, as in this case. But the first grader wasn’t teaching the class was he? I may have mentioned the fact that my dad was a carpenter when I was in first grade, in so doing, I doubtlessly infringed upon parents’ sacrosanct right to teach their children about carpentry.

2. The United Church of Christ (obviously affiliated with the aforementioned International Liberal Satanist Conspiracy) made a little commercial promoting themselves in which a bouncer stands in front of a church and tells two men holding hands they can’t come in. The announcer than says “Jesus didn’t turn people away. Neither do we.” The Big Three networks, the biggest arms of the Elite Secular Media all refused to air the commercial nationally, citing its “controversial message”. Don’t suppose I blame them, given the Hell that would be brought down upon them. Anyone who suggests that Jesus was a friend to outcasts is attempting to sow the seeds of spiritual treason. Jesus H. Christ was a balls out American hero and I was proud to know him when we slaughtered gooks together in ‘Nam.

3. Here’s the big one. A state rep in the Alabama state legislature is trying to pass a law that would ban books featuring homosexual characters from public libraries. I guess every so often something that really ought to be in the Onion comes out to play in the honest to God real world. Shakespeare’s sonnets are promoting the homosexual agenda I guess. God knows how much Greek literature is going to get chucked out…Depending on how you interpret it, really most books are going to have to go. A useful tip I picked up somewhere Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which books burn. Amazing the obscure knowledge you accumulate when you read things, though I somehow remain relatively gay lifestyle free. (Well there is my affair with Hamlet star Bobby Zaman, but that’s been misunderstood) But it’s for the children, I know. Thomas Frank, author of What’s the Matter With Kansas, the hip book that all the kids have been reading would say that this is part of the Right’s overall scheme to use cultural divisions to advance their economic agenda to give the middle class a good raping. These measures are designed to fail, he would say. This farcical lampoon on the concept of a “law” will obviously be unenforceable and certain to be struck down by those Trotskyites in the courts. But even so, the fact that this proposal even exists in my country…Any victory for these totalitarian goons is a loss for the rest of us. That an elected official is trying to do this, to say nothing that it might actually pass, well, there’s a bigger problem. Of his proposal Mr. Allen, (that’s his name) says that he would throw all the objectionable books into a deep, deep hole somewhere and cover it up with the earth.

Was anybody else under the impression that the Nazis *lost* World War II? That’s another thing I thought I read somewhere. I don’t like the knee jerk Nazi comparisons leftists toss around sometimes but this whole atmosphere is honestly making me think of that poem, “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not…” You know, that one.

Since the American people are supposedly so squarely behind stuff like this, and in the wake of the pretty disastrous nationwide election results, many are counseling liberals to seek “understanding” with the eloquent advocates of Moral Values, i.e. roll over, abandon any hope of advancing a gay rights agenda, and try to find common ground with people who just can’t get enough of oppressing other people. To them I say this: that ain’t me. And I don’t imagine it’s you either. Here’s some other things I picked up somewhere, about how to live your life, a couple of simple steps: You fight for what you believe in, and you never *ever* abandon your friends. I may have figured that out sometime in my thirteen years of Liberal Satanic Catholic schooling.

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Replies: 3 comments

With that, I heartily agree.

Correction - Niemoller was not a priest but a Lutheran pastor.

Hello Rory! FYI - the "first they came for the Jews" piece was penned by Rev. Martin Niemoller, a priest and activist who lived in Nazi Germany and opposed Hitler, eventually being arrested by the Nazis and narrowly escaping execution in one of the camps. A stirring reminder of the positive influence that religion can have when embraced by people of good conscience.

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