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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Bits of '05

We have now arrived in 2005, which I have chosen to subtitle "The Year My Enemies Fall Before Me".

My life is insane stressful, we're in the "peak period" at my job, in which the belligerent monkeys who apparently constitute most of the tuition assistance seeking workforce of JP Morgan Chase begin to ravenously attack. And we're basically in Tech Week, or Tech Fortnight, for Hamlet, and I've got to lug the fracking two ton grave set piece around, heavy physical labor for which I was neither bred nor educated, and I lost my wallet. But that’s pretty standard me. My holiday breaks from the job and the show were not a sufficient balm to my beaten body and soul…My whiny side is more than balanced by my incredible charm, isn’t it?

But thanks to Twinters for her rocking New Year’s Eve.

This is also, at long last, the year that Transformers: The Movie takes place. It is with a heavy heart that I contemplate the imminent, albeit temporary, death of Optimus Prime. Let us steel our hearts, my friends, for the coming battle with the planet devouring monster, Unicron. The animated film prophecy has foretold our success…

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