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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

triumph of my will (not to quote Hitler)

Hamletís second weekend was just as memorable as its first, though not all of it in a good way, exactly. Friday afternoon I started feeling sick, had a bad cough/throat thing going on. I should have asked my boss if I could go home for a couple of hours but I donít think he was terribly pleased with me right then, (I donít know why, most people just adore me) so I soldiered on at work and went off to the show. Though I thought the sickness was evident in my voice, apparently no one else thought so and I even got compliments on the singing parts. Good olí Twinters was in the crowd that night with a couple of friends, so naturally, rather than go home and rest the vocal cords, I went back to the Twinters apartment (with Shakespearean superstar Bobby Zaman in tow) and stayed up Ďtil five am doing many things, among them very loud talking. When I woke up a few hours later, my voice barely registered as human speech. I spent the rest of Saturday in bed but did not recover by the time I had to be onstage, despite lots of recommendations from the cast and everyone else on what to do with my plight. Sunday night was a bit better, I had friends in the crowd that night too, and itís improved with each passing day but Iím still not quite up to par. 48 hours before I gotta do it all over again. Alas, my beautiful, sonorous voiceÖitís my favorite sound in the world!

Monday morning I had to take the Latin 104 final exam. As my readership mostly knows, I left college in 2001 a couple of foreign language credits short of a BA, which I intended to bang out quickly. Various absurd circumstances have conspired to drag this process out by over three years now and I have now technically been a college undergraduate for nearly as long as I was in grade school. But itís over. I think. God, I hope so. Iíve got friends who are younger than me who are getting like, doctorates now. Itís pretty humiliating but Iím cheerful about it. Iím always cheerful about humiliation.

After the test I had lunch with my friends Tom Ďní Molly, whom I havenít seen in a long time. They havenít seen the prodigious beard growth Iíve gone through for Hamlet over the last couple of months. I was also wearing my glasses. Molly said I looked like I had just *given* a final exam, rather than taken oneÖIf this world were just.

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