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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

juxtapose me

I guess there was a big school shooting yesterday. *So* late 90's. I bet the guy was wearing a Spice Girls shirt while he did it. The killer was apparently a Native American with Nazi sympathies, which reminds me of the classic Onion headline on the Axis: "Japan teams up with white supremacists in well thought out scheme".

My other favorite headline of late was "Bush invites Sharon to ranch" because of the wonderful images it evokes such as Ariel Sharon in a cowboy hat.

My high school and college mate, Marc has been working at my office for nearly two months now. This has been fun but what's really absurd is that as of this week, he now sits in the cubicle directly behind my own. This really doesn't seem like the best route to improving our efficiency as employees, but then efficiency as an employee has never been one of my stronger ambitions.

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