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Monday, April 25, 2005

i'm only sleeping. No I'm not.

Iím presently in a state of near exhaustion from Macbeth, which I of course, embarked upon just after finishing Hamlet. This leads me to the conclusion that Iíve been doing entirely too much for William Shakespeareís career. This leads me to conclude that weíre going to have to part ways for a while. I love you kid, and youíve got a bright future, but I need some time offÖ

Of course the real source of my exhaustion, depending on how you look at it is the eight hour workday I have here at the Adult Education Store, which is a solid six hours too long for me, at least. Some new managers have come in, apparently intent on whipping the place into shape. Iíve been joking in the Willy Loman/Shelley Levine style that the sharks are circling and that Iím going to be on the street begging for scraps soon. But truthfully, itís one of those eras where everything at my job seems to be swirling around me and metamorphosing before my eyes. But eventually it all rights itself and I still have a job. Damn it.

Barack has a blog now. Heís theoretically writing it himself. I hope it gets increasingly casual and personal and itís eventually anecdotes about going to the grocery store.

Mike and Anna Bonick, a couple of friends from college who went on to be in Lysistrata 3000 have just had a baby. I like babies. Wonderful little anarchists they areÖ

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Hee hee! It's a killer waiting list, though. Good luck.

Somehow it warms my heart to hear that Glengarry Glen Ross has found a place on the Simpsons, alongside other cultural icons like Soylent Green.

The mixed metaphors are more mine than Miller's. And my "I'm going to be fired" routine is probably based most directly on Gil, the parody of Jack Lemmon's Glengarry Glen Ross on the Simpsons.

I have applied for honorary membership in the Greatest Generation several times, pointing to my frequent derogatory references towards Nazis on this site and have yet to hear back.

I've never known how you do it. I have enough trouble holding down one job, without coming home to find William Shakespeare has been raiding the fridge.

I feel for you, but I'm also amused by Arthur Miller's mixed metaphors. If you want to avoid sharks, the street is the perfect place to do it. Except maybe in Venice. But you'd have to beg a really long time to get any scraps, because I don't know anyone who carries any around.

Anyway, how unpatriotic is that, begging for scraps? Don't you know there's a war on? We've got to save our scraps to beat the Japs!

If you don't agree with the preceding, you'll never be a member of the Greatest Generation.

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