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Saturday, June 25, 2005

domestic comfort

This is actually my first post to this site from home. For years my only Internet access was at work, and I've just gotten used to it. Now it's Saturday, I'm mostly naked and lying in bed and writing, which is how it should be. If that image offends you I refuse to apologize. Which is what poor Dick Durbin should have done in the face of the right wing onslaught but sadly, he did what he felt he had to do. A mistake I think, but I don't judge him for it. I'm glad Barack is much too smooth to get himself into this kind of situation. The great Chicago columnist Eric Zorn wrote what Durbin should have said here:

But I think he should just have quoted what Homer Simpson once said. "I'm very sorry...Sorry you're such jerks!"

I think that would have applied.

Tonight, there will be a play festival featuring one of my plays. I'm strangely not that excited, despite having sent an obnoxious number of e-mails on the subject. I just hope it's good.

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